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This page,Global Rap, is dedicated to letting the public shop at home for great,
popular, and hard to find rap items including cd's, movies, music videos,
imports, tee shirts and more. The rappers stated above are just in my
opinion some of Hip Hop's large variety of talented artists, there are many
others than that, but I couldn't list them all. If you are interested
other rappers, just click here CDnow homepage

Just to give a little bit of information on the above artists, Tupac is
in my mind the greatest rapper of all times. He was a great guy as well as a
great rapper; for the best Tupac Homepage, visit
J. D. Bastin's the unofficial tupac page Tupac's CD's and sound samples from each
are; "2pacalypse Now"-Brenda's got a baby "Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z."-
I get around & Keep ya head up ; "Me Against the World"-Dear mama &
Me against the world ; "All Eyez on me"-How do you want it & California love ;
"Makaveli The Don Killaminati the 7 day theory"-To live and die in L.A. & Hail Mary.

Wutang Clan is right now a very popular group. There's at least one member
in their group that everyone likes. Their CD's, of course, are "Return to the
36 chambers", including C.R.E.A.M.; and "Wutang Forever" including the hit
Triumph. They also have many good solo albums, so check those out too.

Master P is also one of my current favorites. His solo albums include 99
ways to die; "The Ghettos tryin to kill me", "Ice Cream man", and "Ghetto D(ope)".
Those CD's are great, but what I believe has made him great is his work with
the group TRU, the best CD there was "TRU to da Game", and his work on the movie
and soundtract for "I'm Bout It". "TRU to da Game" is my favorite CD of his and
probably even of all time. Master P's newest release, "Ghetto D", originally named
"Ghetto Dope", was by far his best seller. This release finally let it be known to the
whole world how great a rapper he actually is.

Last is the inferior Ice Cube. He has a lot of CD's out, but his bests are "Lethal Injection",
"Predator". He has had many guest appearances and group work such as with NWA : and Westside Connection , "Bow Down".

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