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Here is one of the most important people in my life, My Daughter T.J.

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This site is just a little space to let people know what I and my family are all about. Here you will find a little of almost everything. You'll have to forgive me with some of my sick sense of humor. But I still have a serious side...NOT!

I live in a little rural area known as Gun Lake, well it's actually Shelbyville, Michigan. On Gun Lake. I really enjoy how quiet it is here. The people are so freindly and some are willing to help out with almost anything. This area will take a bit of getting used to because I am used to the sound of traffic all the time, and fighting the traffic each time you go out, None of that here. I have four girls ranging in age from 4 to 23 years. their names are, Ronni Sue , Becky, Bobbie Lee, and Tannar(TJ). I also have five grandchildren, Three boys(Dakota)Joshia, Isiah who is only 6 weeks old and Three girls(Jennifer). A good friend of mine, AKA Herb Roberts, is a very ammusing and funny little guy. He is a good friend and photographer. He also owns his own studio.

Then there is my father, AKA Howard Wilson. He is a great craftsman of fine woods. This man can build anything from toys to houses, out of wood. Oh yeah, both of these men have terrific wives that support their work. So follow the links to meet these people.

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Ron's Kik'n Home Page[TM] Just a little bit more about me. I'm 44 years old My name is Ron; I'm single and live in Shelbyville,MI. I like to go fishing, camping, and generaly like to have fun, I listen to country & Bluegrass music..I especially enjoy early mornings waking up's with a good cup of coffee and sitting outside waking up with the birds singing,(In the summer months of course) I also enjoy warm summer nights out by the campfire getting lazy by a glaring fire, laughing and joking around with freinds and family, I have always felt that my most important comodity should be friends & Family.. you might say I'm a bit silly and a bit centimental.

I also enjoy working with my hands building things out of wood. I enjoy playing around on the computer especially on the internet. I hav'nt really got into to much chat on the internet but would like to. I Have trouble finding time to do all these things and work full time. I work in Wayland at The G.O.D.C. There is a great bunch of people there, and all are so freindly.It's a great place to work.

I always enjoy meeting new freinds, so if your reading this and would like to contact me you can either drop me an E-Mail or catch me on ICQ, here is my icq #21412489 any of these ways are fine either way I will be glad to here from you!

Thanks for coming and meeting my family, I hope to see you back here soon,cause these pages will be updated often. Please drop me an E-mail to let me know what you think.... "DON'T forget to sign my guest book" Updated (Jan,1,2003)

Thanks Again. :)

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