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Big Nate's Palace Of Wonferful Treasures

Howdy folks this is Big Nate comin at you with a page of many spleders. This page with be constatly updated I like to hang with my friends, chat, and surf the net. I am 16 and I live in Three Rivers, Michigan. This is the most boring town in the world. You know if you went threw life hating a sertain day like monday you would hate 1/7 of your intire life? Well anyways, i got really cool freinds like Rachel Big J Ben-the-man Matt Al and Zack just to name a few. I really like to fish, hangout with friends, talk to friends,chat on the Net, surf the web. I think that Mug is the best pop the is colored with carmel ever.

I really do not like the Spice Girls . Another thing i can't stand is hanson. Something else that many of my friends and i think is gay and stupid is Marilyn Manson. We are proud to carry this banner

A lemming playing golf

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barfing STAN

Hey if you think YOUR page is worthy of my awards e-mail me at the address and i will check out your page and see if you deserve it make sure to give me your ADDY these are my AWARDS and if you get one i will link you to my page