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dust sister's thangs


to aquire as much Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine "propagda" as possible.

life goals:

the deal:

if you have something that i don't have...chances are that i want it. i am not that big up on buyin things cause i am a poor girl. but i am big up on trading cause like i mean...the fans shouldnt profit from the artists in the form of money. ...but thats not to say that i havnt boughten things or will not buy things in the future. get my drift? so, yeah...if you got something i dont, please contact me. if anything you will get a wack e-mail back from me...that is sure to make a person smile, right? right. yeahhhh boiiiiiiiii.

"Alright, dust sister, fuck all this shit. All i want to see is what you have to see if i want to trade with you. I don't want to know your life story."

Yo, easy flex