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In 1664 a young man set sail for the New World from his home in Enniskillen, Ireland. Leaving faded, broken dreams, and a uncertain future behind him, we can imagine his fear and anticipation as he held on to the ship's rail and watched the land disappear on the eastern horizon. Cormac Annis knew that he also held onto a new future and opportunity in a wider and more promising land. He did not leave his home in Ireland and travel to this land seeking an easy berth. He came with the full knowledge that to establish himself, and raise up a new family would mean only unrelenting toil and severe hardship. This is the story of his success in establishing his family in North America.
It is also the story of the many other early Annis pioneers and their legacy.

My thanks to the many family members who have contributed information for this web site. Without you it could not have been accomplished.

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