Descendants of Robert R. Annis of Virginia and Tennessee

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It is important that we remember that many Annis families came from England and Scotland, and elsewhere during the great emigration periods of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although most of these lineages cannot be linked to the earlier Colonial period Annis families, they must be accounted for in the census of American Annis families so that they may have their own identity, and not mislead family researchers who may believe that they are somehow related to the earlier emigrants.
There are also many unaccounted for early lineages in Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. These families carved out their own Annis legacy and it is important to note that they share many of the same attributes. Some living individuals will be protected by
"Private" after their name. No other information about these individuals will be available.

First Generation

1. ROBERT R. ANNIS was born 1815 at Virginia, the son of John (1783-1821?) and Mary Annis (??-1850); he died in 1865 at Sparta, White County, Tennessee; married circa 1844, Martha Love (1820-1870) at Kingston, Tennessee. According to the Federal census records of 1850, at White County, Tennessee, Robert was born circa 1815.

The Sparta Rock House

Image: Sparta Rock House

He had removed from Virginia with his parents as a young boy, and they settled in White County as early as 1820. The family is listed in both place in 1820, as the census in the "western" states usually came in later. In the 1820 census record for Virginia is listed the following: "ANNIS, (of Scott)" which may refer to Robert's Scottish father. Robert's father died soon after their arrival in Tennessee, and Robert, upon reaching the proper age, secured a job as a stage driver. Sparta grew quickly due to its location along the stage road between Knoxville and Nashville. In the 1830s, brothers Barlow and Madison Fisk built the Sparta Rock House (photo), which served as an inn along the stage road. The Rock House, strategically situated in an area where the Cumberland Plateau gives way to the Calfkiller valley, was a common stopover for figures important to the early history of the state, including Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston.
His father was reportedly a Scotsman, his mother was Irish born, and he had one sister, name unknown, who married and removed to Missouri before the American Civil War.

2. WILLIAM F. ANNIS, b. 1846 in Kingston, Tennessee, died 1917 in Eminence, Kentucky

3. GEORGE ANNIS, b. 1847 in White County, Tennessee; d. 1847 White County, Tennessee as an infant.

4. HENRY ANNIS, b. 1849 in Kingston, Tennessee; married January 19, 1883 to Orneal Clinton at Chattanooga, Tennessee

5. JOHN R. ANNIS, b. August 8, 1850; d. January 28, 1908

6. Elizabeth Annis, b. 1852; d. 1854

7. Fannie E. Annis, b. 1854; d. After 1898

8. SAMUEL ANNIS, b. 1857

9. DANIEL CLARK ANNIS, b. Jul 27, 1862; d. Nov 22, 1947

Second Generation

2. WILLIAM F. ANNIS was born 1846 at Kingston, Tennessee; died 1917 at Eminence, Kentucky; married Elizabeth M. "Betty" Woolridge (1851-1936).
William was a veteran of the Civil War, and served as a Union soldier in Walford's Calvary Regiment under General Kilpatrick. He was residing with his wife, son and daughter in Franklinton, Tennessee in 1880. William's niece, Ethel Lee Annis, (daughter of John R. Annis) in a letter dated June 1980, remembered traveling to Chattanooga with her father in a horse and buggy to visit "Uncle Bill". She also related that William had one daughter, and that she did not know what had happened to the family, except that they had lived in Kentucky. Evidently it was a case of the family losing touch with each other. William and Betty Annis did have one daughter, as well as five other children. William and his wife are buried at Point Pleasant Cemetery, Bethlehem, Kentucky.

ROBERT H. ANNIS, b. November 14, 1876; d. October 20, 1902, Lockport, Kentucky; buried at Point Pleasant Cemetery, Bethlehem, Kentucky.

Elizabeth H. Annis, b. August 17, 1880, Henry County, Kentucky; d. February 16, 1933, Henry County, Kentucky; m. JAMES CURTIS SHANNON and had two children.

JOHN RANDOLPH ANNIS, b. July 1882, Henry County, Kentucky; d. 1924, Lockport, Kentucky; buried at Point Pleasant Cemetery, Bethlehem, Kentucky.

JOSEPH THOMAS ANNIS, b. January 24, 1888, Henry County, Kentucky; d. October 27, 1937, Oldham, Kentucky; m. Clemmie F. ?? (1896-1972); buried at Franklinton Cemetery, Franklinton, Kentucky.

WILIIAM F. ANNIS, JR, b. October 1888, Henry County, Kentucky; d. September 16, 1971, Shelby, Kentucky.

Patience Annis, b. July 1892, Henry County, Kentucky; m. RALPH EWING and had two children.

4. HENRY ANNIS was born 1849 at Kingston, Tennessee; married January 19, 1883, Orneal Clinton at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Henry was a veteran of the Civil War, and served as a Union soldier in Blackburn's Regiment, possibly the 4th Michigan Infantry Regiment. No further records at this time.

5. JOHN R. ANNIS was born August 8, 1850 at Kingston, Tennessee; died January 28, 1908 at Pikeville, Tennessee; married April 12, 1885, Laura Lee White {1863-1949} at Pikeville. He spent a large part of his boyhood with his father on the mail route, and learned to read from the placards and signs along the stage line route. As a young man he drove a stage for four years between Kingston and Sparta, over the Cumberland Mountains. He than journeyed through Indiana, Arkansas, and Texas, after which he returned to eastern Tennessee, and resided at Washington, Kingston, and Sparta before settling at Pikeville, Tennessee in 1877 or 1878. In 1885 he opened a blacksmith shop and contracted several mail routes, one of which was from Lafayette, Georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and another one from Pikeville to Cross, South Carolina. John was a member of the Democratic party in 1898. He is buried "on Annis land, in front of the old home place, Route 3, Pikeville", and his headstone reads: "An honest man is the noblest work of God".

John R. Annis and Family (circa 1897)

Image: John R. Annis and Family
From left: John, Robert, Alfred, Laura (White), Martha. Ethel is in the center.

From the Biographies of Bledsoe County Citizens: John R. Annis

"John R. Annis is one of the popular and well-to-do citizens of Bledsoe County. He is a man of much energy and ambition and in the various lines of business in which he has been engaged he has invariably met with at least fair success, and has become well and widely known and made many friends. He was born in Kingston, Roane County, TN, August 8, 1850, the son of Robert R. and Martha (Love) Annis.
It is not known whether Robert R. Annis was born in Scotland or in Virginia. He removed with his mother to White County, TN, in the year 1810, or when he was fifteen years of age. His mother died soon after, and Robert, as soon as he became old enough, secured a position as stage driver, and followed that occupation for forty years, working on different lines. when he married he was living in Kingston but at the time of his death, which was in the year 1865, he was making his home in White County. His father was a Scotchman by birth, and his mother was Irish. He had one sister, who emigrated to Missouri before the war. His wife who was a native of Hawkins County, TN, died when quite a young woman. They were the parents of a family of six sons and two daughters, of whom we have the following record: William F., who was a soldier in the Northern army, in Kilpatrick's command of Walford's cavalry, and is now living in Henry County, KY.; John R., the subject of this sketch; Fannie E., who is in San Francisco, CA; Daniel C.; Henry, who was a union soldier in Blackburn's regiment, and was killed after the war; Elizabeth died at the age of two years; George died in childhood; and Sam was a printer at Louisville, KY at the time of his death.

John R. Annis spent the greater part of his boyhood with his father on the mail route, and learned to read from the placards along the route. After arriving at manhood he, also, was a stage driver for several years. He spent four years on the route from Kingston to Sparta, over the Cumberland mountains. He then made a trip to Indiana, Arkansas and Texas and returned to eastern Tennessee and located in Washington. He next made his home for a time in Kingston, and from that place moved to Sparta, but in 1877 or 1878 he located in Pikeville. About the year 1885 he opened a blacksmith shop in the latter place, and has since operated that business. In connection with it, however, he has had several mail-route contracts, one of which is the one from Lafayette, GA, to Chattanooga, TN, and he now has the contract from Pikeville to Cross, S. C. and one from Crossville to Rockwood. He has also had charge of the Bledsoe County poor farm for four years. In all of his various lines of work Mr. Annis has been very industrious, progressive in his ideas, and ready to take advantage of every turn of the tide to improve his circumstances. Politically he is a Democrat.

April 12, 1885, Mr Annis was united in marriage with Miss Laura White, daughter of William White, and granddaughter of Daniel White, and the family circle has been completed by the presence of a family of four children, upon whom they have seen fit to bestow the names of Robert R., Alfred H., Martha and Ethel."


10. ROBERT RANDOLPH ANNIS, b. January 24, 1886; d. May 13, 1968.

11. ALFRED HENRY ANNIS, b. August 5, 1887; d. March 2, 1972.

12. Martha Annis, b. February 1891.

13. Ethel Lee Annis, b. January 6, 1895; d. January 1984.

14. DEWEY WHITE ANNIS, b. October 1898

15. Vida Rose Annis, b. March 31, 1903; d. June 27, 1979.

8. SAMUEL ANNIS was born 1857 at Kingston, Tennessee; died at Louisville, Kentucky. At last report he was working as a printer at Louisville, and was reported to have died prior to 1898. In a book describing Crossville, Tennessee newspapers between 1878-1888, "Sam" is mentioned as having been engaged as a compositor with The Crossville Herald until the paper "ceased to be issued". There are no recorded spouses or children.

9. DANIEL CLARK ANNIS was born July 27, 1862 at Sparta, Tennessee; died November 22, 1947 at Earle, Arkansas; married January 9, 1888, Elizabeth Harris {1874-1949} at Courtland, Alabama.
In January 1902, Daniel and his family removed to Arkansas by covered wagon. They left Courtland, Alabama, and made their way to Memphis, Tennessee where they camped in a wagon yard before crossing the Mississippi River by ferry. The family was attracted to Arkansas by the large tracts of virgin timber. They settled at Earle, where they rented land, and worked a farm there.

Daniel Clark and Elizabeth (Harris) Annis

Image: Daniel Clark and Elizabeth (Harris)Annis

Later Daniel purchased his own farm. Daniel, having been orphaned at an early age, was not able to maintain contact with his brothers and sisters. It is reported that when he was a older man, one of his brothers wrote him, but Daniel sent the letter back unopened. This may have pointed to some animosity held by Daniel toward his siblings for having been ignored for so many years. Daniel and his wife are buried at Gibson Bayou Cemetery, Crittenden County, Arkansas

16. Willie Mae Annis, b. March 12, 1890; d. October 31, 1956, m Fred Thompson.

17. ROBERT PLES ANNIS, b. October 24, 1892; d. May 17, 1983.

18. Katlie Lee Annis, b. February 2, 1900.

19. DAVID DANIEL ANNIS, b. November 27, 1902.

20. JOHN WESLEY ANNIS, b. June 18, 1909; d. July 1981.

21. Mary Thelma Annis, b. October 29, 1912.

22. HAROLD VERNON ANNIS, b. January 27, 1915; d. April 1984.

Third Generation

10. ROBERT RANDOLPH ANNIS was born January 24, 1886 at Pikeville, Tennessee; died May 13, 1968 at Pikeville; married April 23, 1916, Lula Keith {1893-1966} at Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Robert was a farmer by occupation, and he is buried at Pikeville cemetery, Pikeville, Tennessee.

23. Edna Ruth Annis, b. 1917.

24. JAMES ROSS ANNIS, b. December 14, 1917

25. Clara Annis, b. August 26, 1921.

26. CLARENCE G. ANNIS, b. September 1, 1921.

27. Thelma Annis, b. September 26, 1923.

28. ROBERT DEWEY ANNIS, b. July 5, 1926.

29. COY RAY ANNIS, b. November 16, 1928

11. ALFRED HENRY ANNIS was born August 5, 1887 at Pikeville, Tennessee; died March 2, 1972 at Greenville, South Carolina; married October 3, 1909, Emma Panter at Pikeville, Tennessee. Emma Panter was born in July 1887, and was the daughter of Alexander Panter of Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

30. JOHN H. ANNIS, b. July 30, 1911; d. December 6, 1960.

31. WILLIAM HOMER ANNIS, b. September 24, 1913; d. July 21, 1972

32. LURTON MICHAEL SAMUEL ANNIS, b. April 25, 1919; d. October 10, 1984.

14. DEWEY WHITE ANNIS was born in October 1898 at Pikeville, Tennessee; d. May, 19, 1982, Detroit, Michigan; married Edna L ??, and had the following children.

33. Marion Annis, b. 1922, Detroit, Michigan.

34. ROBERT J. ANNIS, b. January 25, 1923, Detroit, Michigan; d. March 1977, Juneau, Alaska; m. Elizabeth Rowland deCourcy.

35. WILLIAM D. ANNIS, b. 1925, Detroit, Michigan; m. February 8, 1947, Caroline Elizabeth Matter, Detroit, Michigan.

36. Evelyn Annis, b. 1929, Detroit, Michigan; d. December 1, 2000

37. DONALD F. ANNIS, b. October 8, 1930, Detroit, Michigan; d. February 7, 2002, Walled Lake, Michigan

38. Shirley Joyce Annis, February 12, 1932, Detroit, Michigan; m. October 17, 1952, Gino Louis Caponi, Detroit, Michigan

39. Nancy Annis, b. 1934, Detroit, Michigan.

40. Arlene A. Annis, b. September 22, 1935, Detroit, Michigan; married Ronald Rigby

16. WILMA "WILLIE" MAE ANNIS was born March 12, 1890 at Courtland, Alabama; died October 31, 1956 at Joneboro, Arkansas; m. Fred Thompson (1872-1935). She is buried near her parents at Gibson Bayou Cemetery, Crittenden County, Arkansas.


i. Jim Thompson, b. 1911

ii. Walter Thompson, b. 1913

iii. Pauline Thompson, b. 1917

17.ROBERT PLES ANNIS was born October 24, 1892 at Courtland, Alabama; died May 17, 1983 at Wynne, Arkansas; married August 15, 1915, Reba Ray Paris (1900-1964) at Heafer, Arkansas.

Robert and Reba Annis

Image: Robert P. Annis


37. Iva Louise Annis, b. December 11, 1916, Earle, Arkansas; d. December 24, 2002, Austin, Texas; m. July 14, 1934, William Albert Morris (1906-1959), Earle Arkansas

38. ROBERT GLENN ANNIS, b. March 16, 1919; d. June 15, 1972.

39. JAMES DANIEL ANNIS, b. April 4, 1921; d. May 8, 1988.

40. CECIL RAY ANNIS, b. November 18, 1923; d. February 4, 2006.

41. ALVIN GENE ANNIS, b. November 3, 1933; d. April 24, 2010.

42. CHARLES EDWARD ANNIS, b. August 27, 1937

19. DAVID DANIEL ANNIS was born November 27, 1902 at Courtland, Alabama; died 1924 at Earle, Arkansas. David removed to Missouri in 1921 to farm, and was there for three years. While returning home to Arkansas by railroad boxcar in 1924 he became ill and died at the age of 22. He is buried at Gibson Bayou Cemetery, Crittenden County, Arkansas.

20.JOHN WESLEY ANNIS was born June 18, 1909 at Earle, Arkansas; died July 27, 1981 at Matagorda, Texas; married Minnie Clara Yeamans (1915-1988).

43. Emma Elizabeth Annis, b. June 17, 1944, Matagorda, Texas.

44. Margaret Sue Annis, b. October 11, 1946, Matagorda, Texas.

22. HAROLD VERNON ANNIS was born January 27, 1915 at Earle, Arkansas; died April 1984 at Earle, Arkansas; married September 23, 1937, Janie Evelyn Drew (1920-1984 at Cross, Arkansas.
After his marriage Harold removed to Memphis, Tennessee, where all of his children were born, and for 30 years he was an electrician and plumber. He was a civic minded citizen serving as Chief of Police, as well as Fire Chief for the Earle Fire Department. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge, Lions Club, and Order of the Eastern Star.

45. HAROLD VERNON ANNIS JR., b. October 15, 1938; d. Mar 20, 1942.

46. DAVID CLINTON ANNIS, SR., b. December 3, 1939.

47. Lynda Kaye Annis, b. September 12, 1942; d. March 17, 1945.

24.JAMES ROSS ANNIS was born December 14, 1917 at Pikeville, Tennessee; married May 7, 1939, Anna Mabel Payne {1919- } at Pikeville, Tennessee

48. Marion Elizabeth Annis, Private

49. JAMES ROSS ANNIS, JR., Private

50. Barbara Jean Annis, Private

51. Betty Sue Annis, Private


28. ROBERT DEWEY ANNIS was born at Pikeville, Tennessee; married Louise Boynton, and had the following children.

53. Trena Annis, Private

54. Dianne Annis, Private


29. COY RAY ANNIS was born at Pikeville, Tennessee; d. November 15, 1997, Franklin, Indiana; married Violet "Vie" White (1927-2007). Coy was a veteran of World War Two and served as a PFC in the US Army. He and his wife are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Franklin, Indiana.


30. JOHN H. ANNIS was born July 30, 1910, Pikesville, Tennessee; d. December 6, 1960; married Mary ____.



59. WILLIAM ANNIS, Private

60. Betty Annis, Private

61. JOHN ANNIS, Private

31. WILLIAM HOMER ANNIS was born September 24, 1913 at Pikeville, Tennessee; d. July 21, 1975 at Greenville, South Carolina; married Mary Ellen Hamilton (1923-1993). Homer had several children, but we have records of only one son.

Carolyn Annis, Private

Elaine Annis, Private

Elizabeth Ann Annis, Private

Joy Annis, Private

Marilyn Annis, Private



ALFRED HENRY ANNIS, b. July 24, 1945, Atlanta, Georgia; d. October 30, 2006, Greenville, South Carolina.

32. LURTON SAMUEL ANNIS was born April 5, 1919 at Pikeville, Tennessee, died October 10, 1984 at San Diego, California; married Charlotte E._____. Lurton and Charlotte are buried at Fort Bliss National Cemetery, Fort Bliss, El Paso County, TX.

33. ROBERT J. ANNIS was born January 25, 1923 at Detroit, Michigan; died March 1977 at Juneau, Alaska; married Elizabeth Rowland deCourcy. Robert removed to Alaska in 1957 and was an attorney for the Veteran's Administration, and soon became a staff member of the Office of the Attorney General. At the time of his death he was a partner in a private law firm at Juneau. In a Legislative Resolve (Number 71, dated 1977) Robert was recognized by the State of Alaska for the esteem held for him by the Alaska legal community.

38. ROBERT GLENN ANNIS was born March 16, 1919 at Earle, Arkansas; died June 15, 1972 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; married November 13, 1943, Helen Mae Lorenzen at El Reno, Oklahoma.

Robert and Helen (Lorenzen) Annis on their 25th wedding anniversary - November 1972

Image: Robert G. and Helen (Lorenzen)Annis

Robert served in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression. He was also a veteran of World War Two, serving in the U.S. Army, and was stationed at the Fort Reno Internment Camp (POW) for three years. Robert was employed as a fireman for the Rock Island Railroad, and was a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Carmen. He was a member and attended Wesley Methodist Church, and is buried at El Reno (Oklahoma) cemetery.


39. JAMES DANIEL ANNIS was born April 4, 1921 at West Memphis, Arkansas; died May 8, 1988 at Memphis, Tennessee; married July 26, 1941, Martha Francis Wilson at Earle, Arkansas. James was a veteran of World War Two, and served in the U.S. Army Engineers (1943-1946). He was an electrician by profession, and was the owner of Southern Electric Sales and Service, and was well known for his integrity and honesty.

64. RONALD LYNN ANNIS, b. October 3, 1943; d. July 26, 1946.

65. HAROLD GLENN ANNIS, b. December 30, 1946; d. August 8, 2002.

66. Debora Jane Annis, Private

67. Karen Marie Annis, Private

40.CECIL RAY ANNIS was born November 18, 1923 at Whitmore, Arkansas; d. February 4, 2006, Jersey, Arkansas; married November 14, 1942, Francis G. Ivy (1921-1999) at Parkin, Arkansas.
Cecil was a veteran of World War Two, and served in the U. S. Army from 1944 to 1946. For his meritorious service he was awarded the Purple Heart and Victory Medal, as well as many others. He worked at many occupations, including cotton gin and grain elevator builder, auto mechanic, and farmer.

68. Barbara Ann Annis, Private


70. Doris Lynn Annis, Private

71. Linda Kay Annis, Private

41. ALVIN GENE ANNIS was born November 3, 1933 at Earle, Arkansas; died April 24, 2010, West Memphis, Arkansas; married (1st) April 7, 1968, Clorene Roberts White (1926-1988), Tipton, Tennessee; married (2nd) May 23, 1992, Jo Ann Ivy (1933-2000) at Earle. "Gene" worked for E.T.M.F Truck Line before his retirement, and enjoyed working in wood projects which his wife Jo Ann painted. He served in the U.S. Army (1955-1957), was a member of the Baptist Church, and was instrumental in compiling the information about his family's lineage. Gene was very proud of his lineage, and his friendliness and helpfulness in acquiring information concerning his ancestors exhibited his well founded pride in his family. He was a member of the Annis Family Association. Funeral services were held in Parkin First Baptist Church with interment in Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery. Marion, Arkansas. There were no children.

Gene and Jo Ann Annis

Image:  Gene and Jo Ann Annis

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