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Web's weirdest pages

Amuse-O-Matic 2000

Danyo's Page!

C*E*A's Trivia Blitz


Tickle Me Yoda

Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency

Surreal Dreamland


Voice of the Surfer Movie Forum


My Dog Sparky

Dr. Beth's Office

Java Puzzle Collection

The Insulting Waves


Fish Fight

Castle Quest

Is It In The Cards?

Online Suicide Note

Absurd Math

Virtual Hugs & Kisses

Teri Hatcher Fan Page Generator

Ask Elvis

Virtual Dude

Sounds of the World's Animals


Where Spam Speaks


Warehouse 23

Big Green Button 2

Pick Up The Phone Booth and Die

Virtual Kissing Booth

Magic 8 Ball Make a wish

Convert Your IP-Address into Fractal Music



Kurt Cobain's Magic Talking 8 Ball

Susie's Place

Home Page Pregnancy Test

Joe's Amazing Relationship Problem Solver

BlackJack Server

HTML Active Filter

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Dr. Werner Wilhelm Webowitz: Web Quack Psychiatwist

Random 80's Lyrics


Zen Connect The Dots

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit, Version 1.2

Find The Spam


Pig Latin Converter

Lemonade Stand

The Maze


Piercing Mildred

Scratch N SniffZarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web

TV Rating Game

Random Food Generator

Pulse Entertainment

Picons Memory Game

Random Word Haiku

The Band-aid Applet

Ronan's Online Karaoke Page

Kill Larry Loon

Professor Weeb's X-Way Technology

Interactive Magic

Oreo Hyper-Glyphics

Postcards From The Web

Browser Background Music

Political Spectrum Test

Build A Head


Magic 8 BraMake a wish

Guess the Dictator/Sit-com Character

Stick Figure Death Theatre

PeeWee's Playhouse Postcards

The Spam Goddess' Politically Incorrect Shooting Gallery

Chunks of Life

The (Infamous) Nerdity Test

Virtual Comics


Virtual Pooh Sticks


The Internet Gaming Zone

Strike It Big

Celebrity Slugfest

Virtual Sites

Dumpster Diver

Can You Name It?

The Stoopid Find the Fly Game

Spice Slap Slap The SpiceGirls

Zappa's Excellent Land of Amusement

Creative Puzzles


Flipper's Funky Fortune Cookies

U Lose Blackjack

Anagram Genius Server


Incredible Bagel Maker

The Face Server

Madame Predicts Your Future, 5 cents

Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle


Magnetic Poetry

Bad Pickup Line Server


Love Calculator

Valley URL


Libby and Darian the Dancing Librarians

On-Line Fractal Generator

Happy Fun Physics Ball

The Babber

The Enormous Buttons of Mild Amusement

Roy's Virtual Urinal

Beat the Computer at Pick Up Sticks - Netscape 3.x only

Bill Gates-o-Matic

Music Central's Skull Session - Channel a dead rock star!


Animated Necker Cube

The Kids' Place in Space!

The Eyebot Project

The Maze

Page Me

Find The Beagles

Electro Magnetic Poetry

The Computer Geek Checker

Virtual Interactive Typewriter

Interactive Poetry

Random Acts of Trivia

Alpha Sports Games

Cliff Pickover's Page

The Lyrics Challenge

I, Rearrangement Servant

Ask Andy

Nick's Subservient Cam!

Annie's Healing Hand

The Puzzle Depot

How to Make Ben & Jerry Hairy


Punch Rush Limbaugh

Warner Bros. Postcards





Hunt the Wumpus

Manic Maze

WWW Virtual Piano

Extreme! Spy Cam

The Coke Project

Virtual Mr. Potato Head

Quotes from The Perfect Man



Campfire Tales

Crystal Ball

Looney-Tunes Karaoke

Wally's One Liner Comedy Diner

Am I Canadian? Quiz


Javascript Overload


Table Lamp on the Net

Figlet Former

Dennis Miller Routine-o-Tron

Senor Pepe's Fish Tacos

Shakespearean Insult

Salon Betty Interactive Paper Doll

Optical Illusions

The Java Centre

Rock Mall's Interactive Arcade

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Virtual Flowers

Internet Card Central

Fantasy Dinner Party

Knocking on the Web's Door

The Sneeze Page


Mr. Showbiz' Plastic Surgery Lab

Clickable Anthony - Click on Anthony's body parts for links.

Random Monty Python Skit Server


The Amazing Pecking Chicken

The Tick's Dart Game

Fun with Grapes: A Case Study


WWW Interactive Online Crossword

Surf the Web Backwards

Stupid Human Noises

JAVA Eliza

Poke Alex In The Eye: The Game

The Minifig Generator

Ma-Ah's Mystic 8 Ball

Yellow Submarine's Random Compliments Generator

WWW Text to Semaphore Conversion

john inside

Digital ANTI-Valentine Service

The Toaster Oracle

Guess My Sex

Ask the Swami

Person Multimedia Head

X-Files Adventure

What Does Your Phone Number Spell?

Voodoo Doll

Search Engine Games

Beavis & Butthead Hate-grams

CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade

Pesky and Dorian's Homepage

Blip! The Internet Playground

America's Best! Shuttle Launch Pad

TEI's Random Joke Server

Udder Waste of Bandwidth

The Information Supercollider

Cameras, Cameras, & More Cameras!

Yellow Submarine's Internet Greeting Cards

Electronic Postcard

Russian Roulette


Handy Spanish Phrase Maker

Kevin's Fridge Magnets

Internet in a Baby

Wave to the Cats

Feet cam

Mark's Apology Note Generator

The Creator

Computer Karaoke Homepage

Cursing in Swedish

Internet Squeegee Guy

Cindy Crawford Concentration

The Burrito Personality Test

Kilroy Moot's Devotronic Bandbox

Duck Hunt

The Postcard Store

Student.Net TV Search & Remind

The Faherty Web

The Amazing Clickable Beavis

Rhyme Generator

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Incredible Counting Page

Australia's Telerobot On The Web


ChiliDog's Condiment Castle

Oeno Phile's MOOD Detector

Anthony's list of Internet Accessible Machines

Sign Messages

Automatic Talking Machine

SpaceNeedle Cam

What Miles is Watching on TV

Crime Scene Evidence File

The Babe-Test

The Decapitate an Angel Page

The Cyrano Server

Jungian Personality Test



Bluedog can count!!

How far is it?

Confession Booth

Interactive Model Railroad

Complaint Letter Generator

Surrealist Compliment Generator

Carlos' Coloring Book