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Adam Finn's Ferrari Page

Introduction - The F50

In the early days of its activity, almost fifty years ago, Ferrari built cars which could be used, with only a few minor alterations, for Formula 1 or Sport events or for everyday use.

However, as Formula 1 cars evolved, it became impossible for someone who was not a team driver or a collector capable of passing a series of private tests on the track, to take the wheel of a racing Ferrari. Today Ferrari has decided to give all its clients once again the possibility of experiencing this emotion. And here is its response to this technological challenge: the F50. The fruit of research based exclusively on Ferrari's vast experience in this field which has produced in its history, 45 racing models and endless Granturismo and Sport models, the F50 adopts the same constructional criteria as a Formula 1, putting it at the service of our roads and their constraints.

The carbonfibre monocoque which encloses the aeronautical rubber fuel tank, the V12 engine that acts as a bearing structure for the gearbox-differential-rear suspension assembly, the pushrod suspension, and separate band braking system reproduce the basic principles of a racing car. But the project was interpreted so as to bring the outstanding concept of this sophisticated engineering into the dimension of normal, safe use in all situations.

The outcome of this work by Ferrari engineers is a car with a specific power output of 109 HP/litre (SAE) and an extraordinary chassis, that combines unbeatable performance with pinpoint handling and total safety even in unexpected or extraordinary circumstances.

Dimensions & Weight

Max. length-176.4 in

Max. width-78.2 in

Max. height-44.1 in

Wheelbase-101.6 in

Front track-63.8 in

Rear track-63.1 in

Weight unladen-2712 lb

Tubeless radial tires

Front-245/35 ZR 18

Rear-335/30 ZR 18

Rubber fuel tank: capacity 27.7 U.S. gal./32.1 Imp. gal.

Front brake discs-14.0 in

Rear brake discs-13.2 in


12 cylinders in 65 V layout

Bore and stroke-3.35 x 2.72 in

Cylinder capacity-23.9 cu. in

Total displacement-286.7 cu. in

Compression ratio-11.3:1

Max. power output at 8500-rpm382.5 kW (513 HP SAE)

Peak torque at 6500-rpm471 Nm (347 lb.ft)

Specific power-109 HP/litre (SAE)

Bosch static electronic ignition

Bosch Motronic-2.7 injection

Engine weight-436.5 lb


Top speed-202 mph

0 to 60 mile-3.7 s

1 mile-30.3 s

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