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Voodoo Power

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We are open at!


We are almost ready to open. I just put up a messgae board, so all we have to do is finish up the navigation bar and a counter. I have Quake II. This game rocks! Expect a review of it. I also plan on getting Wing Commander Prophecy. I should be getting a copy of it this week. So get ready for it.. this week!


So, what are we doing. Well to give you a smaal preview, we are finishing up the artwork, redoing much of the news page working on some reviews a preview of somethings, and som exclusive stuff. Better not say any more as the rest of the guys(hint.. someone new)don't event know I am telling you this. But, what are they goign to do??? fire me... :) Just messin around with you guys. If you want, me and I'll tell you as soon as VP is open.

The page is coming very soon. Whats taking so long? Well, its not done. We have a bunch of really cool stuff but if we open now it won't be ready and what would be the fun in that? So get ready... we should be ready next. Until then, keep checking here for more updates!

We are putting up the site on the new server. We've got some really cool stuff for ya. Stay tuned!

OK, this is the spot. We are soon going to have the new site up. Be ready for a new look and new stuff and more news than ever. I'll post more soon.

See ya later,