Valior is the name of many things. It is the name of a galaxy, a system, a planet, a city, and most important a kingdom.

The galaxy called Valior is located in the 5th plane and the only galaxy in that plane. It conatins one hundred million charted systems. it is in a spiral shape. At the center is a giant white hole(like a black hole but white) and withen that is a worm hole. The majority of power for the inner systems,except for the system of Valior is collected from the white hole. The galaxy is made up of thousands of races. This includes plants and animals. The most common are Valiorians. They are like an advanced form of humans. It also contains Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Espers, and many more.

The system of Valior is made up of 9 planets. The planets only rotate on their axis.They stay in a circular formation around the nineth planet Valior. There is no star to provide energy to the planets so only Valior can support life. How no one knows. The system is home to many strange anomalies.

The planet Valior is a strange world to put it mildly. With no sun to give it energy it is a mystrey how it came to be like it is. Many claim it was created by an advance race and given the means to produce its own light and energy. The truth is it was created by the Energy of Gray. the planet contains a range of enviroments. From deserts and the arctic to lush lagoons and warm paradises. Many races inhabit the planet from Elf and Dwarf to Trolls and Goblins. The landscape is one of beauty and the citys are of mystery. They contain some of the most advanced technology yet look like citys from the days of yore. Crime is very low for a place so rich. The jewel of thw world has to be the capital city Valior.

The capital is a monumetn to great architecture. It rises 100 feet above the clouds and spans 3 miles. It contains 4 major docking ports and many smaller one. The whole city is run on an advance power system. It contains two large orbs of pure energy. When they are brought close together the energy they give off is collected and use to run the many systems of the capital. In the center rest the coomand station protected by a large energy shield. Yet even in all its glory it was taken by the Emperor Zio.

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