History of the Valiorians

As with most races their history is full of many things. War, great achivments, faliures, and great people. Their history started around the creation of the plane. Like most advanced races they wated as the simplier life was sent out an given a place in the plane. They were sent out 1 million years after beign created

To keep their history simple I will break it down in to eras. Each one has a different length and several important facts.

The Begining 0-1000-In the begining not much really happened. The people were very nomadic and primitive. They moved into small family units near the end of this time. Their biggest acomplishment was the development of weapons and a very crude form of healing magic, the later was limited to the females.

Evolution 1001-2999-This was when small towns begain to appear as the people learned to farm. The forming of more complex system of government could be seen as simillar familes joined together and choose heads of the household. The first battle of the Valiorian War started here.

Age of Exploration 3000-3500-For 500 years after the first battle of a huge war there was peace in a sense. Many families were still angry that nothing had been done about it. It was during this time that a more advanced government was formed. All the top families founded the capital city and named it Valior. This government was more stable then the last so people had more time to study. It was during this time that magic begain to surface more and even men could use it. Their technolagy advanced greatly yet kept the dark age feel.

The Valiorian War 3500-3600-By this time many families were growing angry with each other and the government couldn't do much about it. Families were making alliance out of fear of a war. Then one day it begain. Two members of enemy families were in a bar when a beautiful woman walked in. The two ended up fighting over her and this lead to the war. Weapons became more and more deadly and magic turned from healing to destruction. There was no way of knowing which family was winning till 3525 when the Keldged family won a major battle at Hill Fort. From then on it looked as they would win the war.

Unification 3601-4000- With Valior now under one rule and having only one form of law the course was now to unify the families. The Royal Family didn't want to see their fellow people fight. It was during this time that the Sisterhood of Women was founded and schools opened up too all. Also the first spaceship was tested.

Peaceful Development 4001-4678-With all of Valior united peace ran over the world. There was still crime and viloince but in as a whole the world was peaceful. Magic once again turned to healing types, but the destructive was still studied. Tecnolagy advanced even more during this time. Space flight become reality and so did warships. The Knights of Valior were founded during this era and the Royaly Army and space fleet were on their way. Pretty soon there was a petion to advance the reaches of the kingdom to the stars.

Age of Conquest 4678-10,000-After the petition reach the council and was passed, the Royal Family decided to follow through with it. Up until 4700 they only perpared for the conquest. Traing their troops and building ships. Weapon making became a skill everyone wanted. Most of the weapons were magicly infused to keep them in fighting shape. The goal was to expand the kingdom peacefuly with alliance but only a few came out of it such as the Ostellian-Valiorian Alliance. Most of the galaxy was taken by force. It was during this time that many villians appeared and tried to stop the conquest of the kingdom.

Period of Friendship 5,000-still going This is more of an event then era but is very important in the history. In the year 5,000 ships were finally able to survive the white hole located near the planet Valior. Soon they were sending small exploration ships to explore it and found a worm hole. After much debate the council decided to send a ship through it. What they found on the otherside was shocking. They had travled through a planer rift and were no longer in Valior. They explored the near-by space and meet a race unknown to them, the Ostellians. The encoutner was peaceful and soon there was talks of an alliance being formed. This would benfit both races. Through the course of several years papers were drawn up and the Ostellian-Valiorian Alliance was created.

Settlment 10,00-11,000-Most of the galaxy was now under control of the Kingdom of Valior. Either they were an allie or they were conqured during the war. The Alliance workedo n restoring peace during this time and promoting the settlement of planets with few inhabitents. During this time was when most of the Valiorians moved away from the inner system. Either to other plantes int eh galaxy or through the worm hole into Ostellian space. Several Ostellians also crossed over, but mostly remained close to the inner system. Also half breeds were becoming more common now.

Great Rebirth 11,000-13,000-After settlment occured many people took to religion and peace instead of politics and war. Soon a group of priests and priestess were gaining a stronger and stronger influince over people. It came tot he point were there was almost a Civil War, butt hat was averted when the Royal Family granted the priests and priestess power withen the government. Also during this time high-technology faded into a more midevil style, calling back older times. It became more of an art form then anything else. Even weapons wre shaped after older ones and the use of the sword became more popular then any modern weapon such as the laser.

The Final War 13,000-20,000- It started as a small battle in one of the outer systems. It soon grew and called for a bulk f the inner systems forces to help. Suddenly a large strike force appeared out of nowhere and attacked the capital. With little protection it quickly feel and that was the begining of the war. The Royal Family made it out safely and command the war from the front lines, never wanting to give up, but eventuly they fell. The rest of the galaxy fell too but before all was lost the kingdom's top mages sealed up the worm hole leading into Ostellian space to try and help their allies.

The Rebellion 20,000- still going-With the galaxy all under it's new rule a lot changed. They Royal Family was hunted down and killed along with them Ostellians were hunted also. It took a long time but soon a resistance force was built and a rebellion begun. It had little luck in the begining, their forces small and scatered. Eventualy they were able to win a few battles. Their main goals were to protect Ostellians and their realm. Also to overthrow the new governmetn and set the old one back up. It wasnt till near the end of records when a leader showed up to show them the way. His name was Even Keldged, the last heir to the throne.

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