The Valiorians

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Though numerous in the Galaxy of Valior they are few in number compared to almost any other race. It is very rare that Valiorians leave the galaxy, but with the war many left for other places. They generally look like humans but not all the time. The average life span of a male is 1000 years and of a female 1100. Its is common for one who marries outside the race to have a few spouses and lots of children. The males are usually stronger then the females but have weaker magical and physic abilities. Most Valiorians are tall, averging 6 feet but can range greatly. All Valiorians have a thirst for knowledge. Because of that schools are open to everyone regardless of class.


Valiorian society is broken down to 4 classes, lower, middle, upper, royalty. There used to be 5 class, slaves making up that class. Most slaves her POW's or invaders form other galaxies. Slavery was banned with the second King of Valior. The social structure is based on what kind of jobs held.
Lower- Though of lower class they have decent lives. Most of the lower class are decedents of slaves. Which makes them unable to hold public office, or own their own business. Most of the lower class citizens find their way into the Royal Army, or the various mercenary that are around. They are considered part of the Valiorian society because all in living int he Galaxy of Valior are citizens of the kingdom. Are mostly in the outer planets and the middle systems.
Middle-This classes is the largest class to contain Valiorians. The people in this class are able to hold public office and can own their own business. The jobs that this class hold range from grades school teachers and weapons instructors to archeologists and scientists. If they join the army they are more likely to be an officer then a soldier.
Upper- The second smallest of the classes. The people in this class are usually well trained in the use of magic and technology. They are the scholars and head masters of the academies. To be considered part of this social class one must have went through all available schooling for their field and be apt in the way of magic. The majority of this class is females because of that requierment.
Royalty-The smallest yet most powerful class in Valiorian Society. This class consist of the King and his son, their wives, the few that serve them as advisors, the top generals and admirals of the Royal armed forces, and the top mages and scientists. All members of this class have received the highest amount of schooling available, have strong magical abilities, and have served for over 10 years elsewhere.

The main government is the Royal family. They have allowed smaller groups to have control too, but in the end The Royal Family is the top form of government. The other two are the Sisterhood of Women and the Order of Religion.
Order of Religion-The top priestess and priests of each order of religion meet together and discuses issues. This government has many followers, some so devoted that they will not follow The Royal Family. Before they were given official power they were the source of many riots in trying to over take The Royal Family. Upon being given power they agreed to stop the riots and to follow the kingdoms laws.
Sisterhood of Women-The sisterhood is almost as old as The Royal Family. It was founded by the second Queen of Valior to ensure a government that would support women. The ruling body is made up of females from all social classes and all races. The sisterhood works with the Order of Religion for it trains the priestess in the use of magic. Also most of the great mages have come from the sisterhood. It is more like a religious following then a government, but it does have political power and influence.
The Royal Family-The most powerful government in the Galaxy of Valior.It spans across the whole galaxy and has some influince in other realms. It also commands the largest armed forces, the Royal Army, which has a large fleet of spaceships. With a mix between technology and magic The Royal Family stayed in power for a long time.

History of the Royal Family
The Royal Family and the Kingdom of Valior was founded by a father and son. They defeated the other tribes on the world of Valior and set that up as their capital. With the introduction of new technology they soon mastered space flight and expanded across the galaxy. During that time they meet another race from another plane, the Ostellians. They formed an alliance and stayed at peace for many generations. The Royal Family consists of the king, his son, the queen, and the kings advisor.

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