Serena Keldged

Serena, a woman of mystery and an undying passion for her work. She was a very proud woman who would offten disobey her supiors ending her in a lot of trouble. She was the wife of Even Keldged and even carried his son before she was killed.

A full-blooded Ostellin of the Clan Panther she is a wild woman. She was born during the war making it hard for her to live a normal life. She was born on one of the inner planets that was turned into a slave world. Her family was placed there by the rebelion in hopes they would have a daughter.

While growing up she was trained by members of Clan Snake and Clan Panther making her very skilled in stealth and speed. When she was 10 she manipulated an official into provding her family more food. She honed her skills in being an assassin on men that would try to get her into their bed.

At the age of 20 she met a man by the name of Even Keldged. At first she didnt think much of him. He just talked to her while he worked. One day her father told her that she was befriend Even and have his child. After that she could do what she wanted to him.

Not sure why she had to she set out to seduce him. As attractive as she might have been and as persuasive as she was it took her almost a year to get him in bed. Even when she accomplished that she still had to work hard. What she didnt know was because of his bloodline it was very hard for him to get her preganant, considering his father was still alive.

After about a year Even decided to try and flee the world. After consulting her father and a strange man from the Ostellian homeworld it was decided she was to go with him and return with a son. With a group of people they tried to flee, only her and Even survived.

Once off the world she stayed close to Even. Already in the rebellion it was easy for her to stay close. During their time together she began to fall in love with him. When he asked her to marry him a few years later she accepted. Because of their position in the rebellion they were granted a month off, there it all ended.

One their first night off they made passionite love, with her desire to complete her mission and his Valiorian sex drive they almost broke the floor below then. Near they end of their vacation Even went to the city to contact Tenchi to tell him they need a ride back. On his return he found Serena raped and murdered and the house they had been staying at ransacked. As he knelt beside her Kagato pressed himself forward in his mind, telling him she was preganet with his child when she died.

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