Captin Maxim

Captin Maxim.A pirate from another plane, who lost everything during the war.He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. His hair is short and black with a teal streak on each side, marking his as an Ostellian half-breed.. He keeps it slicked back. His eyes are a purpleish-green with hints red in them. His body is firm and coverd by tones muscles and his skin is a reddish color. Because he is an Ostellian-Valiorian hybred he is very knowladagable in the ways of tactics and warfare. Even though he is built he is stronger in the ways of magic then physical combat.

He was born to a family of middle class. His father was a Valiorian nad his mother an Ostellian of Clan Whale. Because he was born before the war he lived a normal life and learned about the potential he could have. He learned the ways of magic from his mother and from his father the basics of combat. Both his parents taught him how to read and to write in their native tongues.

When he was 25 his village was raided by a pirate crew. The men were killed, the women raped and left to die, and the children taken for slaves. Fortunatly for him he was away on business matters. When he returned and saw what had happened something inside him snaped. Before that he was a peace loving person who would never cause harm to another being, but now he was cold. Over time he learned how to be cold and uncaring, and somehow he managed to oversome the Valiorians major weaknes, their sex drive. He soon became an outlaw, gathering a small following. He stayed on his home planet, never attacking anyone but just stealing things that might be useful. Soon found his way to a shipyard and stole a Valiorian small-class cruiser.

With his ship and his small crew of twenty-five some encoreged him to seek revenge, buit he knew better then to attack now. He spent 5 years training his crew and gathreing more for it. They made many raids on planets, but made sure no one was hurt if he could help it. Him and his crew also worked as a merc group, hitting things bigger then most thought safe. So when he felt ready he decided to attack.

The odds were agaisnt him, a small-class cruiser versus 3 medium class cruisers, but somehow he mangaged to win, leaving his own ship and one of theirs in good condition. He raided the ship and took it over, adding to his fleet. Guttign the other two off important parts he sold them for scrap;he then sold his enemies crews into slavery or turned them in. From then until the war him and his crew were the most feared group out there, but also the best.

When he was fiffty the war strted. At first he stayed neutral, and went from raiding planets to raiding planets and smuggaling goods. At first he had no real opinion about Zio and his conquest, it was better for business. But soon he learned that Ostellians were being hnted down in some search for the One. Regardles of what many thought he had a deep love for his people, and even though he was half Valiorian he felt a deeper conection to his mothers side, though he acted more like his father. He decided to align himself with the rebals. He let any crewmen that wanted to have no part of it leave with there share of the goods.

When he heard that the portal to the Ostellian homworld had been reopened, with his ships and a full crew, he set off for it. He had warriors on his ships too, that would be used for ground combat once they got there. To get past the security around the portal they had to be cloaked, reducing there speed to one quater impulse. It took them a month to get from the first outpost to the portal, time well wasted.

When they arrived the planet was already under attack, mostly by ground troops. After deploying the transport shuttles to take the troops down the two ships engaged the space fleet. Controling the secondary battery from his chair he managed to take out several smaller vessles carrying enemey troops. At one point he locked on to a vessel and was shocked at what his sensors picked up. Inside the vessel was an Ostellian female. No Ostellian had been transported on or off the planet as only one. He had the computer trace the flight path of the ship as he kept attacking others. He never got to view the data.

Though greatly outnumbered the two ships faught it out. In the end they were boarded and captured. Any surviors were sent to prision camps and set to be executed. Somehow the orders got lost and the few survivers lived. It was in one of those camps that he recived a long scar on his jaw line, from his chin to his ear. While there he managed to get news about what was going on in the war. He heard about Even's attack on the capital and how he managed to get to Zio's chamber.

He had met Even twice during the course of his time there. Once had been during the planning of the attempt to save the Ostellian home world. His girlfriend, Serena, was a strong voice in the planing. To him she was very atractive, but he couldnt understand what she saw in Even. Trying his luck he tried to get her to leave him. In the end Even found out and came after him but Serena stoped him from going to far.

The second time was when he was going to pick the two up from their vacation. He rode back with Even to find Serena dead. He set out hunting for those that did that. He found one of them in a tavern a few miles away and after an iterigation session he killed him. He wanted to keep looking for the one that had killed her but was forced to go back,. He still had a mission to complete.

When he was 125 years old the camp he was at was attacked. By that time the war was over with Zio as the winner. He was freed and went into hiding. For the next 100 years he did some traveling, when ever he was about to be caught. He studied the arts during that time, learning how to play the organ. Because of his time alone he seems to have a mysterious air around him, but it is mearly him trying not to be noticed to much.

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