The History of Valior

The history of the galaxy of Valior is one only known by the highest and eldest scholars. The information is passed on to the youngest scholar when death is sensed in the scholar. The new holder of this information must past several tests and take an oath of silence and may not talk about it with anyone. This information is highly guarded for if it was known it would cause much chaos.

Near the beginning of creation, after the energies were created and left to do as they please by the creator, they started to make planes of reality. Each plane was a group effort and took time to create for they had to make up everything from scratch. After time passed they were able to take creations from previous planes and put them in new ones, reducing the time it took to make one. The only energy that did not help out was Gray. Instead it focused its attention on one plane, the 5th plane, Valior

It didn't want to take part in the petty battles the other energies had when they created so it decided to do this on its own. With its power to actually create energy it molded a galaxy from nothingness and ripped a whole in the 1st plane and places it there, like how every other plane was created. Only this plane held one galaxy instead of the millions the others held. it noticed another plane that look interesting and created a rift between the two planes, placing it over what would one day be the capital.

With the mass of energy inside the plane it began to spin it, making it a spiral galaxy. Making it spin faster and faster bits and pieces of it began to break apart, spinning by themselves and creating stars. From the stars spun out planets and when they collided other space anomials were created, like asteroids.

With the stars and planets in place Gray set out to create beings to live there. It knew there would have to be things for them to eat and make shelters out of to survive. Gray searched the other planes pulling back many life energies from bacteria to tall trees, but it didn't place them on the worlds yet. It created objects such as pulsars and placed them there so when the time was right they would be sent to the planet.

Knowing the planets would need a sense it bestow upon them an intelligence. They know knew what to do when they got a message from the pulsars. With a collective sense they decided to create themselves, causing tectonic plates to move and volcanoes to erupt. Soon the planets were ready and began to develop life on them. Happy with its work Gray decided to introduce higher beings.

It gathered many sentient beings such as dwarves and elves, to cows and deer, but its goal was not reached yet it had to create life. It decided to look at the other forms of life and work off of them. Gray wanted a perfect race with flaws.

It chose a humanoid figure to start and gave it a large brain. The surface area was larger then any creature its size making them extremely smart. It endowed the first ones he created with the gifts of magic, but did not give them the knowledge to use it, they had to find it. It made all of them physically strong so they could build with their hands. As it started to add the chemicals to them so they could think they knew about themselves their first flaw accrued. They were created with a large sex drive and a larger thirst for knowledge

With its new life created and sent to pulsars Gray decided to help all that lived in its plane. Gray created hyperspace tunnels connecting all the worlds. When someone or thing opened a tunnel they were sent through to the other end it what seemed like only seconds to them but was hours or days to others. Reliving this might be a problem Gray went back and added a longer life span to his creations. With its work almost done it decided to pull back and watch, but before leaving it brushed the mind of one man, giving him Gray's knowledge and made it so it only came when needed and could never be forced, that man was Even Keldged the first King of Valior

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