History of the Royal Family

The Royal Family of Valior is a family almost as old as dirt. Though old they weren't always the royal family. In the beginning they weren't even the strongest family. It wasn't until the conquest of Valior that the Keldged Family gained its fame and it was mostly one bloodline the bloodline that held the name Even.

When the conquest for power started it wasn't intended to lead to a war but it did. Almost all the families joined in alliance to protect themselves and try to win, the Keldged Family joined with the Kalisto Family. They kept their separate names but their blood mixed. Within the Families there were separate groups and usually they mixed together.

One group that stayed of pure blood was the family that later would become the main one. While most would mate outside their family for some reason one family man who's name was Even always seemed to keep his blood pure. The oddest thing was only his first born would be a male and the rest would be female. Also he never lived to see his first born son, he would die before it. The reason for this was unknown to them for many years.

This was something that the Energy of Gray did. it granted that man and his son great powers that they had to figure out. The only catch was it had to keep being them. What that meant was their spirits kept living on. One man would have a son then die, his son would then have a son and it would be a new body but the soul of his father. This was very useful once they learned how to call on past memories.

When the actually fighting began the Even Keldged family was one of the best. Their skill in war far was far beyond that any of the other families knew, including their own. Over time they rose to the top of the Keldged family, becoming the rulers of it. In battle the were cruel but precise. In politics they were ruthless and cunning, always coming out on top.

Over the years the other families became weary of the Keldgeds. Larger alliances were being made to protect against them, but it was not enough. Soon they conquered the continent they were on and set their sites on the rest of Valior.

After many years and countless battles all of Valior fell under the Keldged's rule. They set up the Kingdom of Valior and set out to make peace with their one time enemies. Hundreds of years past and soon they reached their goal. With the world at peace the Valiorians soon discovered their inborn drive for knowledge

Once Valior was under their rule the Keldgeds the seemed to lighten up. With the Even Keldgeds as the main family the rest seemed to vanish too. Soon the ability to travel into space was created and by an election in the Councils of Families it was decided to expand the kingdom into space.

Once again the Evens were in war, only this time they had a whole planet on their side. They first took over the uninhabited worlds around their planet and explored the area. They tried to figure out what the white hole above their planet was but didn't for a while. After establishing bases on the 8 outer planets they set off to capture the rest.

Though they were the ruling family the Even were almost always on the front line. They always tried to negotiate with the governments of the plants they were after, some said yes and joined into an alliance but many said no. On the planets that had little technology the would set up colonies, creating alliances with the races there and helping them out, adding them to the kingdom.

During the years there have been many changes in the Evens and Keldgeds in general. Some tried to rebel but failed and were killed. Others became power hungry. In one such case an Even's brother-in-law was granted Commander of the Royal Space fleet. With his new power he went around seducing women until finally the Sisterhood of Women with the permission of the Royal Family hunted him down and killed him.

By the end of their conquest of the galaxy the Keldgeds settle down a lot. Their way of ruling changed to a more friendly one, trying to create peace in the kingdom. They even gave up some of their power by allowing the creation of councils to decided things. They always promoted knowledge and made it so free schools would be opened and to everyone. One of their lasting achievements was contact with the Ostellian race and the forming of an alliance with them.

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