Even Keldged

Even Keldged the last prince and heir to the Kingdom of Valior. With the death of his wife died any hopes of his future for she carried his son, the only one he could have. His life wasn't always so dull looking towards the future. It was once bright and full of joy.

Even was born on a planet whose name was forgotten through time. His parents were Victor and Seska Keldged, the were members of the royal blood line but had no power granted by it. It was thought the power had gone away till Even was born. His parents sensed he was different and gave them the royal name of Even.

At the age of five his planet was attacked by the empire and Even captured. His name was never found out by his captors, something that saved his life, until after his escape. He was taken to the planet of Polaris where he was sold into slavery as a weapon maker apprentice. He quickly mastered the skill and at the age of 18 he was transferred to one of the inner system planets. It was there he met Serena.

Serena and him became good friends quickly. She was a full blooded Ostellian of Clan Panther. She always seemed to have a fire inside her, and that's what attracted him to her. During his time in the inner system he learned how to use magic and of his true heritage which had always been hidden from him. One day his friends and him decided to break free and join the rebellion. They succeeded but at a heavy price. Of the 10 that tried only Even and Serena survived.

After escaping the two of them joined the rebellion and were vital in the war. Even went through Vulsuvian training with Tenchi. He also trained to be a Knight of Valior, the elite unit of the Royal Army. His unit even made it as far as to Zio's castle. There the two fought in a battle ending with Even being casted out of the plane. But by that time only a little bit of Even remained, it was mostly Kagato

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