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Welcome to Tjaleth's Weyr, I hope you are hungry.*grin*

The Dragon's Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary
Hey hey and allo to all my happy dragon, fairy, giant, unicorn, all the other beautiful mystical creatures not mentioned, and even some of those pesky human types ;=8), and welcome to my dragon sanctuary, you'll notice that even though it is quite small, there is sufficient reading for 15 mins or so :=8) so go in peace my brothers and sisters, and may the queen protect you.
BY THE GODESS I'VE UPDATED!!!! I have now added a special section dedicated to my (hopefully) bi-monthly newsletter for the webring. Be sure to go and take a peek if you want! Go Here for an index

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    You are happy dragon to enter the Sanctuary and relax in its blessed walls since I found this happy guy 2/22/98...

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    Well everyone, I've sold out once more, but I'm having fun with it. I have on idea what I'm supporting here and I doubt I'll ever take the time to find out, but hey, that's not stopping you is it? Go here and see what I'm missing *evil selling out grin*
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