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Tim Ahlborn's Peterbilt Truck Collection

Page 8

1968 "Class" ad for a 352 cabover.

Here's a grouping of photos from a relatively rare Peterbilt brochure from 1977 commemorating the 100,000 Peterbilt built.

1977 359 and 352 sporting my favorite paint scheme

Heavy Duty 387 dumper

1977 352 used in the "Class" advertising, and posters

1977 359 short hood from the "Class" ads and posters

1970(?) 348 mixer

Late 60's 352 with 12v71 pulling the USS Enterprise, the first US Space Shuttle.

352 with cab tilted. The photographer of this captured a dramatic angle!

2 views from inside the old Newark, California factory showing mostly conventional chassis in production.

From the Double Eagle Sleeper company brochure, a great looking 352H

From the 1971 paint schemes brochures


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