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The Midi that is playing is: God Bless the USA

At 8:48am on 9-11-01, I was on a ladder painting trimwork when Carol rushed out to me and said an aircraft hit the WTC. Speculations at that time was that a small plane accidentally hit the Trade Center, but the drama unfolded as we watched in disbelief as a Commercial jet hit the second tower and the realization that this was a Terror Assault on NY and all Americans.

The ripple effects started almost immediately and can be felt today ... and will be felt for a long time to come.. For days following many of us were in a state of shock and the recovery period has been slow.. but thru the efforts of all volunteers at Ground Zero and the leadership in NYC and throughout the USA, a recovery will be possible and the foundation left behind will be stronger then ever..

Following is a collection of photos, collages, memorials & dedications that I have collected as a keepsake to never forget what occurred on 9-11-01. The Ferry photos take 90secs to 2 minutes to load but your wait will be worth it. On the light-side, I also collected binLaden toons and I hope they don't offend anyone.. Some contain ( adult ) material. discretion is yours..

All material was obtained on the web and if anything is copyrighted please let me know and I will immediately remove or give credit. The webmaster claims none as is own.. only the time and effort to gather and organize.

If you decide to use any photos ... jpgs ... gifs ... for your use ... please upload to your server ... they are free to use ... but not by linking.. thx
Peace to all from the SOULMATEs!

Impact of Our Soul



Ferry Pictures


Memorials and Dedications




Military Aircrafts


Lady Liberty


nyc Photos

Osama Toons

Osama Misc Links

Plan B of Attack

Personal WTC Accounts

Statistics on WTC

Flight 93 Documented

Webrings 911 That We Belong

Heart Touching WTC Account

A Must Read Powerful Poem

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