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Cold Process Soapmaking Recipes

NOTE:  Please double check all calculations against a reliable lye calculator.

Interested in contributing a recipe?  We'd love to have it!  Please email us with the recipe and link information so we can give you credit.  

Basic Recipe (All Veggie) - 5% superfat, 4# batch
2 oz castor oil
15 oz coconut oil
15 oz palm oil
28 oz olive oil
4 oz shea butter
9 oz lye
23 oz water

Contributed by Laura/Garden of Soap

Basic Recipe (All Veggie with Shortening) - 5% superfat, 4# batch
2 oz castor oil
10 oz coconut oil
10 oz palm oil
28 oz olive oil
4 oz shea butter
10 oz veggie shortening
8.7 oz lye
23 oz water

Contributed by Laura/Garden of Soap

Reisling White Wine Soap Recipe
Here is the wine soap recipe.  Its' fairly basic.  I call it Reisling White because it was made with an Idaho winery wine - Ste. Chapelle's 1997 Reisling - a white wine.  (Those who were in my beeswax co-op received either a Reisling White bar or a Wineberry bar.  Please note:  The ingredients list on the Reisling bar may have been the wineberry ingredients in error)

15 oz. coconut oil
15 oz. olive oil
24 oz. Crisco (or equal measures of cottonseed/soybean oils - with apologies to those who do not use cottonseed)
7 3/4 oz. lye
18 oz. water/wine  (I took 6 oz. wine, simmered about 5 minutes then added enough water to equal 18 oz. liq)
1 oz. vegetable glycerin
1 oz. avocado oil

Add the lye to the liquid (remember it 'snows on the lake').  Be prepared for a lot of foaming.  Be sure your container is tall enough or it will overflow.  In my case, the liquid also turned a bright calendula orange.  I panicked and added 1/8 tsp of water dispersible titanium dioxide to the lye/liquid mixture, but the color calmed down as soon as I added it to the oils.  Probably didn't need the titanium but it didn't seem to hurt the end product :) I poured the lye/liquid mix into the oils when both were about 120 degrees.  I'm not the purist my wife is.  She will spend time trying to keep the oils and the lye/liquid mix the same temps before pouring together, but I will pour even if there is 5-10 degrees difference.  Doesn't seem to affect the final product from my observations.  At light trace, I added the oz. of glycerin and the oz. of avocado oil.  As you can tell by my recipe, I don't superfat heavily.  If ran through the lye calculator, would probably be in the 5% range.  The fragrance blend I used was a blend of  frosted berries (a definite 'winey' scent )  green tea and  green apple pear.  I believe it was 1 1/2 oz. frosted berries, something like 3/4 oz of green tea and 3/4 oz. of green apple pear.  (the memory is going, going, gone!)  If someone has this recipe from when I posted it a while back, perhaps you can correct this blend recipe if I'm wrong.  This recipe is just the right size if you're using Rita's 18 bar mold.  Nancy and I are making a double batch of Wineberry in the morning.  A gift shop in Sun Valley has ordered both the Wineberry and the Reisling twice already this month, leaving me with one Reisling.  One of the reasons I added glycerin and avocado oil to this bar is that I thought that if vinegar is an astringent, that perhaps wine might be drying, so thought some ingredients to add moisturizing/softening would make for a nicer bar.  Thanks to Suz for such a nice compliment about our Reisling.  As I told her, it means so much more when your fellow soapers like your soap.  Please don't hesitate to ask, should you have any questions. 

Contributed by Duane and Nancy Porter