Einhänder's Weapons

This section applies to all of the Selene (Endymion, Astraea, etc.) fighter-craft.

1) Blade: This equips your ship with a lightsaber like weapon. Fairly powerful, but short ranged.
Unless, of course, you do a fireball-type motion (Down, Down-Towards, Towards) which extends this weapon
clear across the screen. Switching the position of the Gunpod while firing makes it slash at the enemies. (600 Rounds)

2) Cannon: Fires a powerful blast either straight ahead or at a 45 degree angle, depending on the Gunpod's position.
Low ammo, but quite powerful. (25 Rounds)

3) Grenade: Launches grenades. If equipped on top, fires them in an arc. If equipped on bottom, drops them straight down.
This Gunpod is incredibly powerful, probably more so than the Flash. (45 Rounds)

4) Hedgehog: Fires small explosive bombs either up or down, depending on how it is positioned on your craft.
  Low range. (75 Rounds)

5) Riot: Fires an electrical charge. The power of this can be increased by holding down the fire button.
However, the more powerful the blast, the more ammo this takes up. (120 Rounds)

6) Spreader: Fires three shots either behind or in front, depending on where you position the Gunpod. (90 Rounds)

7) Vulcan: Fires machine gun rounds at extreme speed. Low power, but high in ammo. (750 Rounds)

8) Wasp: Fires missiles straight ahead if equipped on bottom, homing missles
if equipped on top. Decent power. (45 Rounds)

9) Flash: Similar to the Cannon Gunpod, but fires a laser. Extremely powerful. (45 Rounds)

10) Juno: Identical to the Vulcan Cannon, but more powerful. (450 Rounds).

11) Mosquito: Not unlike the Wasp, but the missiles can be controlled. (45 Rounds)

12) Python: Launches five mines-on-a-string. Pretty neat actually. (45 Rounds)