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The Sailor Frankie Cutey Honey F Main Character guide!

Welcome to The Main character page of cutey honey flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisagi Honey:She is Cutey Honey the fighter for love,Kisagi isnt any normal girl she was really a jewel who became a human because of her dad.She loves fencing,tennis and her big stuffed bear Shou-kun.She is very serious and is very responsible.
Kisagi Saiere:She is Misty Honey another gem that was turned into a human but Sister jell and her master turned her evil and gave her the same powers as cutey honey.She also likes tennis and fencing and also goes to the same school as Honey. align=right Seji:He is a detective a close friend to both Honey and Cutey Honey.He is in his 20's and lives by himelf,He was some what close to honey's dad i dont completely know there relationship.Seji will do almost anything for cutey honey and loves her dearly. align=right Danpei:He is the crazy small and perverted principle of Honey's school he is very nice but very perverted he likes getting on the teacher's nerves and has taken some kind of karate he is very very strange He also is very funny. align=right Prince:This is the man that helps cutey honey he is an associate with honey's dad but is not only close to honey he is misty honey's boyfriend he is very mysterious and i do not know a whole lot about him but somehow he was working for sister jell! Hadosama Kisagi:This is Honey's dad Hadosama is her nickname for him i dont know his real name.He is a scientist and likes to read but loves both his daughters very much.He gave both of them great power,I dont know his relationship with jell though. Sister Jell:This is the enemy the one that will be killed and later resurrected She uses a wip instead of a sword and only listens to the statue person She is very evil and keeps commiting all kindof crimes throughout Tokyo.

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