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S.I.M. Headquarters


Welcome to S.I.M. Headquarters!
Whether you are here by accident, or here as a result of an intensive search, I hope you will give us a few minutes of your time.

S.I.M. stands for Separatist Insurrectionary Movement. We represent an ever-growing portion of the community that is seeking a change in government. This page has the purpose of informing, educating, and bringing together different factions of an overly devided political belief: no government is good government. This is a site dedicated to bonding together everyone, with the eventual goal being individual freedom, and autonomous society. Although we are not Communist, we are not Socialist, we are not Capitalist, and we are not Libertarians, we welcome all, so long as personal control is your aim.

We don't necessarily believe that we need to storm the white house to bring about the changes we seek. We don't think we need to force anything on anyone. What we at S.I.M. do know is getting the word out to people is the most crucial step. If they don't know, then how can they change? By talking to people, by spreading the word, we can let everyone know what freedom really is. Say we blew up the white house today, how many people would actually stand behind the concept of anarchy? A better question is this, how many people would try and rebuild the white house, and replace the politicians? Our goal here is not necessarily destruction, but education. Something that can't be had in government-run public schools. We need to stop the ever-growing government and create an autonomous society. We need to unite, despite our petty differences so that our combined voices can carry ever stronger. That is what we at S.I.M. are out to achieve! Get involved!

If you believe in violence, if you believe that actions really do speak louder than words, we will stand by you. But before you start studying the chemical compositions of household cleaners, think about how, by injuring or killing another human being, you are no better than the government. You are attacking their freedoms. Their freedom to live, their freedom to be whole and healthy. However, it works in third world countries, it can work against the American Oligarchy. Just try to stick to military and political targets.

Please, educate yourself to the ultimate extent. The internet is a treasure of information on politics, and it is possible to learn almost everything you need to know with the help of this medium. We are just here to bring anarchists and the like together in a joint fight to stop oppression, and to educate the general public as to what we really represent:

American Documents: Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.

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