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The Prodigy Members and Some Stats

Liam Howlett

Liam Howlett from Braintree, Essex. Classically trained pianist and DJ. Really he IS the Prodigy as the name suggests. History includes DJ ing for a hip hop act which he became dissolusioned with because he is white and therefore was not as accepted as the others. From this he purchased a keyboard with the intention of making a few songs for a bit of a laugh. The name comes from the first synthesiser Liam purchased, the MOOG PRODIGY. Incidentally MOOG have now gone bust!. This keyboard is now consequently very rare. The first demo Liam produced was an EP called What Evil Lurks in 1990. This included an early version of Everybody in The Place. After this came Charly and everyone knows the rest.

Keith Flint

Keith Flint also from Braintree, Essex. Keith is the blond one in case anybody doesn't know! Keith was a big fan of raving in it's inception around 1988 and was a regular on the M25 motorway scene, where he was friendly with Leroy. Together they got to know Liam through mutual friends who were also ravers. This is when they decided to form a dance act.

Leeroy Thornhill

Leeroy Thornhill from Essex. Leroy is the very tall black member of the group and also the second quietest, behind Liam. As above Leeroy was a big rave fan and hooked up with Liam through friends on the 'scene'. Before the boys were to have any impact though they needed another member, an MC who could be the front for the music.

Maxim Reality

MC Maxim Reality, real name Keeti Palmer. Keeti ( or Maxim! ) was originally an MC for a London reggae outfit, who presumably sank without trace. Keeti is recogniseable by his distinctive MC ing and of couse his wicked contact lenses!

Gizz Butt

Last but not least, is the new live guitarist Gizz Butt. Gizz is the lead character in a British Punk band called "Janus Stark". He now tours with Prodigy and performs at their live shows doing the guitar work. Gizz is not the guitarist seen in the Electronic Punks video. That was Jimmy Davies. Gizz is probably the least known member of the band. He isn't noticed very often, but I think that his work with Prodigy will definitely make a name for himself.

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