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Welcome to the House of Rock

A page made for rockers by rockers. If you can't read this, then you need glasses!
Warning, great information enclosed, Proceed at your own risk!

Where Do You Want to Go Today? (tm)

This site includes some pics, news and great info about what happen to be my favorite bands. Check it out and email me about what you think.

Thanks, RJCVedder

The Bands

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Cool Shit

I update my news every week on average for The Pearl Jam News Scene and The Prodigy News Scenes so that you can see what the bands are up to.

The Story Behind Eddie is a look into Pearl Jam's lead singer's life before he made it big time.

The Members of Prodigy
and The Members of Pearl Jam are detailed on this site also. I just found some great info on Pearl Jam. Check it out!

Looking for some rare, well, not really rare, but cool PJ and Prodigy pictures? Check out my Prodigy and Pearl Jam Picture Page

I just made a Pearl Jam theme for Microsoft Plus! It includes sounds, pointers, icons, and a background.

The Rage Against the Machine Evil Empire Site
The Prodigy Home Page
The Megadeth Site
The HotDog Page (special thanx for HotDog 4.5)
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