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Withstanding irregular forms, a plural is completed by "en" if it ends in a consonant or "n" if it ends in a vowel.
        Singular                Plural

        Jabbress                Jabbressen

        (Mistress}              (Mistresses}

        Velve                   Velven

        {Blade}                 {Blades}

Coincidentally, the possessive case in the Drow language is very similar to the Common Tongue used by most races. The possessive case is completed with "'s" except if the word ends in "s" where upon "'" is added.
        Sarn lil velg'larn's inthen

        {Beware the assassin's schemes}

        Nindil zhah lil Valsharess' elgluth

        {That is the Valsharess' whip}

A verb has different forms depending on its number (singular or plural); person (first, second, third); voice (active, passive); tense (present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect); and mood (indicative, imperative, subjunctive).
NUMBER: Withstanding irregular verbs, the singular form is completed with "ar".
Singular                                Plural

Lil sargtlin elggar                     Lil sargtlinen elgg

{The warrior kills}                     {The warriors kill}

Uss jaluk elar                          Draa jaluken el

{One male dies}                         {Two males die}

PERSON: Verbs usually have a different form only in the third person singular of the present tense. Withstanding irregular verbs, the third person singular of the present tense is completed with "e".
Usstan belbau           Dos belbau              Uk belbaue

{I give}                {You give}              {He gives}


Usstan luth             Dos luth                Il luthe

{I cast}                {You cast}              {She casts}

VOICE: A passive verb is a combination of a "be" verb and a past participle.
Active          L'Yathrin harventhe ukt karliik         

                {The Yathrin severs his head}           


Passive         Ukt karliik zhahus harventhus a'lil Yathrin

                {His head was severed by the Yathrin}

TENSE: Withstanding irregular verbs, the past tense is completed with "us".
                Active Voice                Passive Voice

Present         Uk phlithe                  Uk zhah phlithus

Tense           {He hates}                  {He is hated}

Past            Usstan phlithus             Usstan zhahus phlithus

Tense           {I hated}                   {I was hated}

Future          Dos orn phlith              Dos orn tlu phlithus

Tense           {You will hate}             {You will be hated}

Present         Dos inbal phlithus          Dos inbal tlus phlithus

Perfect         {You have hated}            {You have been hated}

Past            Il inbalus phlithus         Il inbalus tlus phlithus

Perfect         {She had hated}             {She had been hated}

Future          Usstan zhal inbal phlithus  Usstan zhal inbal tlus phlithus

Perfect         {I shall have hated}        {I shall have been hated}

MOOD: The mood of the verb indicates the tone in which the statement is made. The common "-ing" ending found in many verbs of the indicative mood is completed with "-in". There are no other endings for the imperative or subjunctive moods.
Indicative              Udos phuul raldarin l'waess da'fol rivvin.

                        {We are stripping the skin from some humans}

Adjectives have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with "ur" while the superlative is completed with "url". The common "-ful" suffix for many adjectives is indicated by "'urn".
Positive                Comparative             Superlative

Olath                   Olathur                 Olathurl

{Dark}                  {Darker}                {Darkest}

Ssin'urn                Mzild ssin'urn          Mzilst ssin'urn

{Beautiful}             {More beautiful}        {Most beautiful}

Adverbs, like adjectives, have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with "ur" while the superlative is completed with "url". The common "-ly" suffix for many adverbs is indicated by "ne" (or "e" if ending in "n").
Positive                Comparative             Superlative

Al                      Alur                    Alurl    

{Well}                  {Better}                {Best}

Ssin'urne               Mzild ssin'urne         Mzilst ssin'urne

{Beautifully}           {More beautifully}      {Most beautifully}

Faen Tlabbar            - currently 1st House of Neverwinter

Fey-Branche             - currently 2nd House of Neverwinter

Rilynt'tar              - currently 3rd House of Neverwinter

Lylyl                   - currently 4th House of Neverwinter

Auvryndar               - defunct

Baenre                  - defunct

DeVir                   - defunct

Ky'Alur                 - defunct

Noquar                  - defunct


Aleanrahel              Aleval                  Arabani                 

Arkhenneld              Barrison'del'armgo      Claddath

Despana                 Do'Urden                Eilservs

Everhate                Freth                   Helviiryn               

Hlaund                  Hun'ett                 Kenafin                 

Kilsek                  Maerret                 Melarn                  

Ousstyl                 Teken'duis              Tormtor                 


Rilauven                - Drow city of Neverwinter

Abaethaggar             Abburth                 Baereghel

Charrvhel'raugaust      Chaulssin               Ched Nasad

Cheth Rrhinn            Erelhei-Cinlu           Eryndlyn

Faneadar                Guallidurth             Haundrauth

Ithilaughym             Llurth Dreier           Luihaulen'tar           

Maerimydra              Menzoberranzan          Orlytlar                

Sshamath                Sshanntynlan            Szithlin                

T'lindhet               Tyrybblyn               Uluitur                 

Undraeth                V'elddrinnsshar         Waethe Hlammachar       



ARACH-TINILITH          - Temple of Lloth and academy for Yathrin

El'lar d'Ssinssrigg     - House of Pleasure

SORCERE                 - Academy of Wizardry

MELEE-MAGTHERE          - Academy of Warfare

Valsharen Drow Vel'Xundussa Magthere  - Royal Drow Security Institute ("VDVM")

EILISTRAEE              - The Dark Maiden

                          lesser goddess 

                          goddess of the good Drow - enemy of Lloth

GHAUNADAUR              - That Which Lurks (The Elder Elemental God)

                          lesser god 

                          god of the creatures of the Underdark

LLOTH                   - The Queen of Spiders

(LOLTH, LOETHE)           minor goddess (chaotic-evil)

                          goddess of the Drow

VHAERUN                 - The Masked God of Night

                          lesser god 

                          god of thievery & Drow interests on the surface


BREGAN D'AERTHE         - Mercenary Band of rogue Drow

C'RINTRI                - noble Drow (C'rintrin - nobles)

Dalharil                - Daughter

Dalharuk                - Son

Faerz'un'arr            - Seeress

ILHARESS                - Matron

ILHARN                  - Patron

Jabbress                - Mistress (female in charge of some task or office)

JABBUK                  - Master (male in charge of some task or office)

MALLA                   - honored (a term of respect preceding a title)

Qu'abban                - House Agent (sometimes used for non-House agent)

Qu'el'faeruk            - House Wizard

Qu'el'saruk             - House Weapons Master

Qu'el'velguk            - House Assassin

SARGTLIN                - Drow Warrior

SHEBALI                 - Rogue, non-noble Drow

Ssins d'Aerth           - professional entertainer (prostitute)

Ulathtallar             - Arch Priestess of the Arach-Tinilith

Ulfaerz'un'arr          - Arch Seeress of the Sorcere

Ul'Saruk                - Warlord of the Melee-Magthere

Ul'Veldriss             - Arch Shadow Mistress of the VDVM

Valuk                   - male monarch (reference for non-Drow races)

VALSHARESS              - Queen

Veldriss/Veldruk        - Shadow Mistress/Master (obtained only by training at the VDVM)

Yath'Abban              - Temple Agent (sometimes used for non-TOL agent)

YATHRIN                 - Priestess of Lloth

YATHTALLAR              - High Priestess of Lloth


DARTHIIR                - surface elf/elves

DUERGAR                 - deep dwarf/dwarves

GOL                     - goblin (GOLN - goblins)

hargluk                 - dwarf (harglukkin - dwarves) 

HASZAK                  - illithid (HASZAKKIN - illithids)

RIVVIL                  - human (RIVVIN - humans)

sakphul                 - halfling/halflings

tagnik'zur              - dragon/dragons

tu'rilthiir             - half-elf/elves

yingil                  - gnome (yingilin - gnomes)


alartae                 - greater tentacle rod

DRAGAZHAR               - Underdark bat

DRIDER                  - Half-spider/Half-Drow abomination

ILYTHIIRI               - Drow

jilorbb                 - jade spider

llarl                   - adamantine arm

MYRLOCHAR               - Soul Spider (Minion of Lloth)

olartae                 - lesser tentacle rod

orbdrin                 - spider mask

orlenggin               - sacrificial altar

orshal                  - sacrificial chalice

orvelve                 - sacrificial spider dagger

qu'ilinsar              - House insignia

sithyrr                 - Drow hand crossbow

ulartae                 - master tentacle rod

YOCHLOL                 - Handmaiden of Lloth

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