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East                    - Luent

North                   - Trezen

Northeast               - Trez'nt

Northwest               - Trez'in

South                   - Werneth

Southeast               - Wern'nt

Southwest               - Wern'in

West                    - Linoin


USS                     - one           UST             - first

DRAA                    - two           DRADA           - second

LLAR                    - three         LLARNBUSS       - third

quen                    - four          quenar          - fourth

huela                   - five          huelar          - fifth

rraun                   - six           rraunar         - sixth

blyn                    - seven         blynar          - seventh

lael                    - eight         laelar          - eighth

thal                    - nine          thalar          - ninth

szith                   - ten           szithar         - tenth

szithus                 - eleven        szithusar       - eleventh

szithdra                - twelve        szithdrar       - twelfth       

szithla                 - thirteen      szithlar        - thirteenth

szithuen                - fourteen      szithuenar      - fourteenth

szithuel                - fifteen       szithuelar      - fifteenth

szithraun               - sixteen       szithraunar     - sixteenth

szithlyn                - seventeen     szithlynar      - seventeenth

szithael                - eighteen      szithaelar      - eighteenth

szithal                 - nineteen      szithalar       - nineteenth

draszith                - twenty        draszithar      - twentieth

hueszith                - fifty         hueszithar      - fiftieth

ravhel                  - hundred       ravhelar        - hundredth

szithrel                - thousand      szithrelar      - thousandth


Vendui'                                 I/we greet you

Aluve'                                  I/we leave you

JAL KHALESS ZHAH WAELA                  All trust is foolish

OLOTH ZHAH TUTH ABBIL LUETH OGGLIN      Darkness is both friend and enemy

XUN IZIL DOS PHUUL QUARTHEN, LUETH      Do as you are ordered, and live


LLOTH TLU MALLA; JAL ULTRINNAN ZHAH     Lloth be praised; all victory is

  XUNDUS                                  (her) doing                         

ILHARESSEN ZHAUNIL ALURL                Matrons know best

LIL ALURL VELVE ZHAH LIL VELKYN USS     The best knife is the unseen one

LIL WAELA LUETH WAELA RAGAR BRORNA      The foolish and unwary find

  LUETH WUND NIND, KYORLIN ELGHINN      suprises and among them, 
                                        waiting death

KHALESS NAU USS MZILD TAGA DOSSTAN      Trust no one more than yourself

NINDYN VEL'USS KYORL NIND RATHA         Those who watch their backs meet

  THALRA ELGHINN DAL LIL ALUST            death from the front

ULU Z'HIN MAGLUST DAL QU'ELLAR LUETH    To walk apart from House and Queen is

  VALSHARESS ZHAH ULU Z'HIN WUND LIL      to walk into the grave


KYORL JAL BAUTH, KYONE, LUETH LIL       Watch all about, warily, and the

  QUARVAL-SHARESS XAL BALBAU DOS LIL      Goddess may give you the gift of

  BELBOL DEL ELENDAR DRO                  of continued life

VEL'USS ZHAUN ALUR TAGA LIL             Who knows better than the Goddess?


Zhaunil dal Waerr'ess                   Knowledge from deceipt

                        [VDVM motto]

Dal ultrinnan ulu el'inssrigg           From victory to an inn

                  [battle cry]

Ssinssrigg lueth Belaern                Lust and Profit

                  [House of Pleasure motto]

Jiv'elgg lueth jiv'undus phuul jivvin   Torture and pain are fun

Ssussun pholor dos!                     Light upon you!                 

  Ssussun! (shortened)                     [curse to Drow]

Oloth plynn dos!                        Darkness take you!

  Olot dos! (shortened)                   [curse to non-Drow]

{House Name} ultrin!                    {House Name} supreme!

                  [battle cry]

A'dos quarth!                           At your command!

Lloth kyorl dos (d'jal)                 Lloth guard you (you all)

Vith'os!                                [see "vith" and "dos"]

Vith'ir!                                [see "vith" and "tir"]


L'alurl abbil zhah dosstan              The best trusted friend is 

Khal wun dossta belaern                 Trust in your wealth

Jala cahallin xal tlu elg'cahlin        Any food may be poison

Sargh lueth kyona phuul dro'xundus      Strength at arms and wariness 
                                        are survival

L'elamshin d'lil Ilythiiri zhah         The destiny of the Drow is to conquer

  ulu har'luth jal                       all

L'elend zhah alurl                      The traditional is best

L'alurl faerbol zhah mrimm (mrann)      The best magic item is a female 

  d'ssinss                                (male) lover

L'alurl gol zhah elghinyrr gol          The best goblin is a dead goblin

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