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The Winter of Our Discontent

Greetings children of Caine! Once again I am set upon my mission of formenting chaos in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. This time though, it is no longer just for fun. Grand-sire has given me a mission, and soon all the players will be dealt their hands...ante up Xerxes, Abzu-Thraxus, Vyjek, eM, and you of course Rebekah my old friend.

The city nears Gehenna, time warps, and now you begin to see parts of the pattern. Things are happening now more quickly than dead minds may be able to adjust. The battle between the Sabbat and Camarilla is becoming a labyrinth of betrayals and intrigue, infernal denizens battle the Knights of Leopold, the Changlings are dying and there is no light at the end of their tunnel, and soon very soon the Time of Thin Blood will have run its course and the Time of the Antedeluvians will be at hand.

-Theodore Justice

The notables of Mount Pleasant.
Prince: Dana      Seneschell:          Sheriff:Thad
Clan  : Nosferatu Clan      :          Clan   :Gargoyle
Age   : Elder     Age       :          Age    :Ancilla

Keeper of Elysium: Kyle        Harpy:             
Clan             : Toreador    Clan :          
Age              : Neonate     Age  :          
Primogen :

Toreador :Melody
A new comer to the city, she has managed to take control of many of the Toreador's influences and possessions in very short time.

Brujah : Dex
Rumors claim that Dex is no true Brujah, but his lineage seems to be supported by powerful Elders and even Justicars shower him with status. Some deal has been struck perhaps?

Tremere : Mina
A quiet young Tremere. Sent either to rein in a rogue Gargoyle, investigate the loss of an entire Chantry at unknown causes, or on some other minor errand...

Malkavian: Twitch
While Twitch is likely as insane as any Malkavian, he does have the unhealthy habit of hunting down lupines. It seems unlikely he's ever actually hunted one down since he seems remarkably disimilar from a heap of ash.

Ventrue : Nathan
Nathan keeps to himself, but may have made some enemies of Truman Aegis, all around butt of every Ventrue joke for the last decade, but still a potential threat. Why the sudden leap for power, who does Nathan want to impress all of a sudden?
The Supporting Cast


Gangrel : (Blood Hunted in Entirity)

Welverin-Everyone's favorite four legged fuzzy friend. Welverin, no relation to the comic character, has a few annoying habits. He's superstitious, and a member of the well as a hated by a great number of Caitiff after his actions resulted in the death of one, or perhaps not there was no actual evidence of his presence.
Elric-Welverin's adopted puppy dog. He is rarely seen without his mentor somewhere nearby holding his leash.
Zanatos-He claims to be a Gangrel, but to watch him walk, talk, and even how he acts strikes me as...odd...perhaps its the darkness of his skin that worries me.

Tremere :

Giovanni :

Frankie Sardoza-The top dog in the Giovanni Clan now that Rex Millener has disappeared. Rumor has it that Rex was blood hunted within his own Clan as well as the Camarilla...does this leave Frankie with a few new skeletons in his closet.

Toreador :

Quentin-Many claim this Toreador has a severe inferiority complex. He is continually pulling out his sword so everyone can see just how big it really is, despite the impropriety of doing so in certain situations.
She claims to be Toreador, but practices the same infernal Disciplines wielded by the spawn of Thraxus.
Savannah-Big deal...a baby vampire...take it to the beach at noon and drown it.
Kyle-Nice brooch Kyle, do you have any idea what it does? I'll bet your new "friend" does.
Claudia-This one's quiet. If I didn't know more about her, I'd assume she was up to something.


Thad-Watch the slowly ebbing humanity of this beast. What plans Vyjek has for this one...once his childer begin to move in on him. I'd run away if I were you Thadeus.


Brujah :

Ventrue :

Truman Aegis-The laughing stock of the Ventrue Clan. Truman made an alliance with the local Anarchs in California, who promptly used his friendship to betray him and recapture an recent important Camarilla conquest there.
Block-We are unsure whether he was named for his inteligence or for his damage radius per explosion.

Now open, the new rules for the creation of Elder and Ancilla characters, as well as some information for making any new character after the loss of a previous character. Read them before asking me if you can play an Abomination Child of Gaia/Salubri Infernalist on the Path of Golconda. Character Creation

For those who are interested, you should read the local newspaper for Mount Pleasant. This is an on-line and "in-game" resource available only on the internet currently. Mount Pleasant Moon

Finally, what is any city of vampires without the malicious rumor mongering, back biting, and occasional open insults? Point and click here to speak with the Adder's Sting, Mount Pleasant's very own on-line Harpy.