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Vampire Stereotypes

I have begun to notice an annoying problem with Vampire players lately. The tendency to fall into the clan stereotypes. How many times must we see the Gang Banging Brujah, or the Ventrue Businessperson, or the totally insane Malkavian?

I personally am tired of the Sewer Dwelling Sewer Rat, and the Lupine Loving Gangrel, or the former occult Tremere. I think too many people forget that the Clans, while generally clinging to their stereotypes, occasionally Embrace across the lines to add dimension to their Clan.

The next time you create a character, try something new, something bizarre, and off the wall. To help facilitate this new outlook on characters, here are a few ideas for some less than usual characters. Not only will you add dimension to your Clan, youll get to play something totally unusual, and add to your experience as well.

Malkavian Concepts
The Shrink: Malkavians are, but you are not. In fact, you are a Tremere seeking to remove Malkavs Curse. You have even considered aiding the Nosferatu in removing their curse as well.
The Intellectual: Who says Brujah need to be street thugs? Play a Brujah businessman, and dont ever forget that the Brujah were originally philosophers, and sages.
The Martyr: Centuries ago the Brujah committed a terrible deed. They destroyed their Antediluvian. Perhaps you could play a Brujah attempting to atone for that crime, a pacifist who daily fights against her urge to cause violence. You are already responsible for making several treaties between Clans.
The Hunter: Screw those PineCone Buttwipers or whatever the Wolves call themselves. You dont help Lupines, you hunt them. Why stop there, hunt endangered species too. Why love nature? Especially when you can make money in the city, and that is where you keep all your trophies at that.
TrendSetter: You cant tell the difference between a lesser Demon and a Jelly Doughnut, and why should you. Due to the strained relations between the Tremere and the Toreador in the city these days it was felt necessary by the Elders to Embrace someone to work better with the Toreador. Youre more than a fop of course; youve got quite a bit of influence with the mortals. The Tories better take notice or one day you will be deciding what is in.
Lunatic: Malkav and Arikel were brother and sister, maybe just maybe madness runs in the family. You may hear voices, have several personalities, or just be totally insane, but the reason for your madness is simple. You use to be the best, then you just lost your edge, your art seems pale and lifeless even to you, and now youll go to any lengths to succeed again, at anything.
Crashing Bore: Screw the damn Artists! And screw their art too! You practice an art all your own, defilement. You gave up pretending you had skill at art even, now you steal the masterpieces they hide away, you replace them with your piddling works, and give them to bums to use as kindling. You crash all the great parties, and even though you get kicked out, you always manage to ruin them for everyone.
Gang Banger: After a wandering Anarch pack attacked your city you abdicated the throne before your head abdicated your shoulders, and then decided to get a little revenge. You formed your own loyal gang of ghouls, hunted down the Anarchs and played ball their way. To your surprise you were good at it, you may not be as strong or fast, but you can take a lot more damage.
Soul Man: Money, money, money. its lost its thrill for you. Then you met Xiaxichitls; he offered you a chance to get anything you dreamed about, at a cost. He wanted your soul, but you are hardly a fool. These days you use your vast resources to get other people what they want, in return for their souls. You are now making a hefty profit selling them in turn to Xiaxichitls.
Nosferatu: Just about anything. The Nosferatu know a lot in their little sewer kingdoms. They know what is trendy, they know what those occult glyphs mean, they know the stock reports, and they know where all the gangs hang out. A Nosferatu could easily worm his way into any position, be it a gang boss, a political voice, an occultist, or an art critic.

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