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MP By Night Slang

Over the last two years that we've been running the LARPs up here in Mount Pleasant a few interesting quotes and stories have cropped up, and continue to be refered to via the use of a few seemingly meaningless quotes. For those of us who've been around for it all, this will be like going back in time, if you don't know what it means to "wave at the Crinos" or to "Pull a Ted" just sit back and read on. -Guido the Wonder Ghoul

Wave at the Crinos

This quote is used to refer to anyone who does something painfully stupid. It refers to the time when a newly Embraced Tremere came apon several Get of Fenris in Crinos form attacking a Nosferatu. The Tremere, glad to see an enemy being killed waved at the Crinos werewolves to thank them. Five seconds later they had chased him down an alley way and decapitated him.

Pull a Ted

This refers the the contagious insanity that Malkavians seem to spread. At one point the Malkavian Ted Just-Ted formed a coterie with several Toreador. Eventually each Toreador in the group began to show signs of a derangement, when they ran shrieking from the room, or spoke to voices that weren't there, or washed their hands 50 times in a row, it was said that they were "pulling a Ted".

Guido the Wonder Ghoul

Apart from being yours truly, the author of this page, I am a by-word of Ghouldom. I've been used as the generic name for any ghoul who shows unusual skill at battling Vampires. You know the routine...

Vampire: Look its a Ghoul. They're all spanks anyway, let's just ice him!


Vampire: He just threw the BOMB! This guys got intermediate pote...

Soft squish sound.

So far I've nearly destroyed an Assamite single handedly, fought off a Toreador Elder, refereed at a battle between an Toreador and a Lasombra, and basically reminded the Kindred that they aren't all powerful because I, on the other hand, am.

Wait Claudia, don't go!

This is a reference to a bitchy Toreador who use to annoy a coterie of Ventrue, Toreador, and a Malkavian. It is of course speaking of that evil bitch Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. The coterie would continually say something that ticked off this one, such as "Hello" without sounding like they really meant it, and she'd storm out of the room. The phrase could be heard constantly, as she stormed out of the room, and then the laughter of the Malkavian.

The worse part was when she did it out of character as often as in. Eventually, the phrase was used whenever those players met her, anywhere.

Who's Ishmael?

This famous question was asked by the Gangrel Warlord Karsh after he was informed that Ishmael had broken the Tradition of Destruction, by killing someone he owed a Major Boon to.

The exact conversation went as follows.

Karsh-Who is Ishmael?

A Nosferatu-Why, who are you?


Nosferatu-*Pointing* Him.

Karsh-Are you Ishmael?


Ishmael-*Meaty thud, then silence*

Karsh-That was a warning, anyone who breaks the Traditions will meet Final Death.

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