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As you directed I have traveled to Mount Pleasant on the heels of the rogue Tremere. I have gathered as much information as I can to aid you in your research, although I must again reiterate that it would make my job easier if you would tell me what information you wish me to gather, why I am in this city to gather it, or even (to at least stave off the curiosity) why I must burn this letter immediately upon proof-reading it, and then never send a copy to you. Things are beginning to fall apart here. An entire pack has fallen at the hands of infernal powers. A second pack seems to be slowly succumbing now as well.

Recent events points towards the possibility of a coming conflict with the Camarilla now as well. I fear that this city may fall to any of our enemies, unless we do the unthinkable.

Ally ourselves with those whom we fight. {End Transcript}

With the recent destruction of the Tremere anti-tribu the Sabbat feared that it had lost a useful weapon against the Antediluvians. However, several survivors have been discovered in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The Regent demanded that they report to her and explain what has happened, but they ignored her commands. Therefore the Tremere have been excommunicated from the Sabbat, and are to be hunted on site. In return the Tzimice clan has graciously offered to spread their knowledge of sorcery to replace the disappearing discipline of Thaumaturgy.
The Packs
The Bahari
This pack is lead by a mysterious Cainite. She is apparently an adherent of Liliths, and shows very little respect for Caine, which may cause her troubles within the Sword of Caine.
Supposedly led by a Malkavian, it seems that a second Malkavian calls most of the shots here. The pack's priest is also one of the few remaining Tremere antribu. The pack has yet to choose a name, the reasons are unknown.
The Elders
A group of elders from around the US has traveled to Mount Pleasant to locate and erradicate the Tremere from the Sabbat. However, they seem to be being led by an Inquisitor more interested in wiping out infernalism within than the Tremere without.
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