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Within the Shadows

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For those of you who ever wondered what happened to all those Kindred on this page last week?
Well, now, once again I'm here to discuss the Kindred of Mount Pleasant and break their Masquerade for your reading enjoyment. Revenge is a fun business, and after these guys decided to stake me and ship me to Canada, I figure revenge is the least I can do for them. -Theodore Justice, former Malkavian Sheriff of Mount Pleasant

Vincent "The Victor" Vader, appart from having a fetish for "V"s, has firmly entrenched himself into the role of Prince now, with the full support of the Tremere Uriel "God is Undead" Nietzche and Illyana "Lacking a Good Nickname or Last Name". The city's population is increasing, the economy is booming, and everyone dead, alive, undead, extremely hairy, or whatever else are happy and things look great.

And I have a bridge to sell you tomorrow at noon.

The Sabbat has hinted ever so quietly that they are ready to launch a Crusade against Mount Pleasant to reclaim lost territory last month when they declared war on Michigan.

Then several days after that anouncement, the National Guard armory in Lansing was ransacked, all the guards were found burned to death, and the weapons cache missing. Approximatly 20 minutes later, the Center for Disease Control's Anthrax repository was also broken into with similar results.

There is also a gang of unusual Kindred roaming the city. They posses a powerful mind link, talking and fighting in unison.

Black Spiral Dancers are infesting the local power plant, and hunting a few specific Kindred who know a little too much about them.

The Inquisition is in town and asking a few pointed questions, to which they already know the answers, they're just waiting for that shipment of crosses and holy water to arrive.

I doubt that that is all that is going on Within the Shadows.

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The Camirilla's Current Numbers

Malkavians: 2 (not counting me)
Illyana=Harpy, its truly beautiful to see more of us Malkavians holding positions of power and influence. Except, ever since she was told that all the Gypsies are dead, she's been too crazy even for our standards.

Miquela=I'm not even sure about this Childe. The lush seems to have mistaken Elysium for an AA meeting.
Toreador: 1 (maybe)
Michelle: She's either a twisted Toreador, or a Settite with pizaz. She seems to hate the Camarilla and love her friend Jean-Claude. Only question is whether or not she's just a really bad spy, or a really confused fop?
Ventrue: 4
Morgan Berry: This young Ventrue is currently residing in Chicago, but has a decided interest in Mount Pleasant's politics. She appreciates all correspondences, and just may repay them if she ever visits the city....hmmm....a larval form of Prince perhaps?
Frank Stelwar-Researcher and historian. He seems to run the universities, and I wouldn't doubt if he's been having "drinks" with the Dean. The Tremere also seem very fond of him. I wonder what he knows that they don't?

Michael Kraus -If not for his periodic drinks with a certain Tremere this man would have enough enemies to easily turn him into a pile of ash. Only question is, how long would he remain ash?

Catherine Milliner-Now that last name there is very familiar...Where have I heard it before...Perhaps in association with another famous last name, yes, that's it, I remember now. Giovanni, Milliner, Ventrue, in the end the color of their money is always the same though.
Brujah 2 Vader: After suffering an apparent mental breakdown, Vincent has changed names to Victor and declared himself the Prince. Now everywhere he goes you can hear the whispered plots behind his back, or are those the souls of his myriad Kindred victims. You don't become Prince without leaving a few skeletons, rifles, anarch packs, Sabbat high priestesses, and piles of ash in your closet.

Alex "Kat" Lee: Now this is an interesting fellow indeed. He's shown up just in time for the Sabbat Crusade from Ohio. I just wonder what his plans are these days, is he suicidal or just stupid? Or does he know something we don't? Like who his allies are?
Nosferatu: 1
McKenzie-The quintessential Nosferatu as well. He spends his free time selling information to the Tremere and dropping his Mask of a Thousand Faces for the entertainment of the Toreador, or pissing off the Giovanni by driving cars through their casino.
Gangrel: 1
William-This honor bound Gangrel is often heard asking whether Settite tastes like chicken. Then again, several weeks ago he was sitting at Jean-Claude's feet, and again he was offering a large heart of some type to the Tremere Elder and grinning madly.
Ty-This unusually skilled Gangrel (i.e. he has a few disciplines most don't....hmmm?) hasn't been seen lately. Of course, his kind were bred for hiding out in cities circumspectly. He too can be contacted via e-mail.
Tremere 3
Uriel Nietzche -The Tremere Elder in the city. He's one to watch all of a sudden. He commands demons to leave in the name of God, performs excorcisms, and even dress in a priest's vestments. The scary part is, he looks almost sincere. On top of that these days, he has as much Status as the Prince, and a confident grin even with a Tzimice war ghoul out hunting for him.

Stephen-I doubt that this Tremere is even as trusted as the others. Uriel rarely lets him out of his sight, but so far he's still undead, and the Sheriff. Does he have a reason to live, (like dirt on someone), or is Uriel just that soft hearted?

Cheyenne -This Tremere spiritualist (an oxy-moron perhaps?) is constantly seen speaking to people who aren't there. This causes a great deal of embarrassment to the Clan, but they still keep her around, so she must have some sort of power...perhaps Clan Friendship: Malkavian...
Assamite 1
Like he'd give a name in the first place. He may be in some small trouble now though. It seems he failed to kill the Tremere Elder on his first attempt. Now Uriel is ready for him...I'd hate to be around for the explosions to follow this battle.

Other Kindred
Jean Claude:
Settite Elder: This guy kicks ass! He's so much fun, leading the Camarilla around by the nose. Feeding them information, blood, and lies, then making them pay double for it. He controls the streets and high society completly these days, but is that all he has in his snakey grasp? Especially when he's had it announced that his personal club is now an Elysium and that he has eight Settite Warriors on the way to the city to fight the Sabbat.
Tremere Regent: Well...what to say about Fate. He's frightening. Supposedly a master Thaumaturgist, he can create pillars of flame, lift a Buick with a thought, and boil the blood in your body. He guards the Tremere Chantry, and was only seen outside of it once, and that was to destroy several infernalist Elder Nosferatu.

If you are interested in playing Within the Shadows the game meets every Friday at 7 PM in the Woldt Basement on the Central Michigan Campus. The game is run by most admirably (and I don't say this just for extra experience) by the man in the picture below named Evan. You can reach him at Evan's Mail Box. or if Evan doesn't answer his mail, e-mail Theodore Justice at

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