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Mount Pleasant by Night

Greetings, these pages have been created to describe some of the LARPs (Live Action Role Playing games) which are currently going on in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The games on this site are associated with M-Plague (Mount Pleasant Live Action Gaming Universe Endeavor), a registered Student Organization at Central Michigan University.

Lately however, I've begun to broaden the scope of the pages. I am now beginning to add more resource material for WhiteWolf games. Currently the source page for Malkavians, listing of on-line Clan Pages, and a page on avoiding Clan based stereotypes are all available.

Currently there are two LARPs being run in Mount Pleasant. One is a unique version of Vampire the Masquerade, set just before the start of Gehenna itself. The second is a Changling LARP, using a third edition compatible system for the rules base.

If you are interested in joining the game, please send an email to the webmaster.

To find out more about the different game, some of the players involved, and a little bit about the plots try these links below.
The 14th Guest
The current Vampire the Masquerade game, detailing the end game conflict of several Methusela's in search of a fragment from the Book of Nod.
Mount Pleasant By Night Message Board
A message board for the discussion of the LARP's currently beng run in Mount Pleasant, and in and out of character discussions.
The Adder's Sting
A site detailing the basic information on M-Plague, maintaing records of characters, and rumor information (not all of it accurate, don't trust every rumor, but just enough of them are correct to satisfy the Adder's vindictive sense of humor).
Resources for the Gamers
Rain Khaos: Source Page for Malkavians
Containing Malkav's Quiz, Guide to Playing Derangements, and new Character Concepts.
Mount Pleasant By Night Slang
My newest creation, this page explains some of the "in" jokes and slang we use in our games.
Vampire Stereotypes
A site giving some totally original takes on some very familiar Clan stereotypes.
Clan Pages
Several on-line Clan pages, including several on the clan in general and more specific pages detailing what the clans are doing in Mount Pleasant. (Construction in Progress).
Resources for Storytellers and Narrators
A utility designed to help administer to the actual running of a LARP. I highly recommend its use.
Former LARP Pages: For the curious or nastalgic.
The Winter of Our Discontent
Former Vampire the Masquerade LARP, run from Fall 1999-2001. It lead directly into the 14th Guest Chronicle.
Former Sabbat game; eventually incorporated into 14th Guest.
Gehenna: A Concise history of the End of the World
This is the background information for the LARP that was run in Spring 1999.
Within the Shadows
The Vampire: The Masquerade LARP, run from 1997-99. Now incorporated into the 14th Guest.
Shadows of the Ages
The Vampire: The Dark Ages LARP.
The Endless Circle
A Changling the Dreaming LARP
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