Oak Thorn's Role Playing Home
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Oak Thorn's Role Playing Home

This site is still mildly under-construction, and always will be as I will attempt to continually add new material to it.

This site is conintually evolving and growing in new directions as the whim strikes me. Originally created just to host AD&D material, it soon became inhabitated by LARP information, role playing guides, and slowly information on Magic the Gathering.
Mount Pleasant by Night (White Wolf Material)
This link takes you to my pages on White Wolf games...including information on LARPs in Mount Pleasant, information on avoiding stereotypes, and a guide to Malkavians.
Linking you to my pages on AD&D. Including mainly my favorite characters, but also new spells, and some magic items.
Magic the Gathering
This coming soon!
Linking you to a page of links on White Wolf games, TSR products and source information, ShadowRunner, and Magic the Gathering.

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