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The 14th Guest

While no one is sure what has recently happened, it seems that someone has taken a gigantic victory in the city wide war that had until recently wracked this city. Rebekah has fled back to Chicago. The Styx has fallen back into torpor. Paris has retreated into this underground lair to hide. M has disappeared once again. Hamarabi has been slain...and rumor holds that Xerxes himself met with the Final Death himself.

Now that the major threat to the city has faded many would think it was time to relax and reorganize their city. They would think wrong indeed.

New threats, and old threats long ignored are reappearing or growing in significance.

Mortals hunting information on Kindred have entered the Elysium several times with cameras.

An unknown weapons salesman dealing in cybernetic implants has made several deals with the local anarchs.

Serial killers stalk the city's most respectable members and leave their corpses in public restrooms.

Worse by far, Infernalists and a Sabbat Priscus continue to follow an unknown agenda in the city and use the local Kindred as their willing and unwilling dupes.

Nor is that the final threat. A secret deal is whispered about in the Clan is seeking to end the Jyhad for Clan is seeking to erradicate all others, one Clan is seeking to claim dominion over the entire Camarilla. Yet, not even the Nosferatu know which Clan has these plans.

Read the Mount Pleasant Moon. The in-game newspaper for the game.

Check out the rules for character creation.

The New Rules Over the course of the game, several new Disciplines, Thaumaturgical Paths, Bloodlines, and rituals have been written up to be used in the game.

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