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Gehenna: A Concise History of the End of the World

The following narrative contains background information for the current LARP being run in Mount Pleasant. This LARP is expiramental in nature and is (obviously) using a completely new concept as the basis for the game.

For information on the characters in the game currently, click here.

Gehenna: A Concise History of the End of the World
	Dearest Phantomas: The computer disks you’ve sent me have greatly aided my research
into this project. They have also confirmed our suspicions about the portent of recent events. It
would seem that we indeed are upon the verge of Gehenna, perhaps the end of the Jyhad, and
apparently your tattooed friend’s Grandsire is in part responsible, or at least several of his Childer.

	Although you are aware of the last few years happenings, for sake of completeness, I have
felt inclined to re-record them herein. Please forgive my historical obsessiveness in this matter. 

	The occurrences began in the year 2001, although none of us knew so. The problems with
the so called Y2K breakdown were just being cleaned up with the aid of several Brujah “hackers”
when the riots began in New York. We believed at first that a Sabbat Crusade had been launched,
but quickly realized that several established packs were also fighting for their existence. 

	If you will recall, I was in New York when this began. To my knowledge, I am the sole
Kindred survivor of the city wide purge by the Tzimice. To diverge for a moment, I feel the need
to discuss what happened. I was in the Elysium when a man with elongated features entered the
Prince’s court. He was obviously a victim/product of Vicissitude. He entered the “Horrid Form”
and simply began several minutes of carnage. Thereupon several other Tzimice, in similar form,
came into the Elysium, they killed few, seemingly intent to make escape impossible via twisting
of limbs through Visiccisitude. If not for that ritual Etrius had taught me prior the Revolution in
Russia, I would have met Final Death. 

	Similar episodes continued throughout the night, throughout the world. Etrius’s Chantry
was raided, and most of the higher ranking Tremere destroyed. Tremere himself it is rumored was
sleeping in the Chantry still. Etrius was at a meeting of the Inner Council when it was attacked. He
and Karl Shrekt escaped, the status of the remaining council members, and the Justicars
themselves, is still unknown. 

	In a display the likes of which not seen since the Council of Thorns, the Malkavian Clan
disappeared completely for the night. The following dusk, as we awoke shaking in our crypts for
fear of a second Tzimice raid, the Malkavian Clan called together meetings of the surviving
Camarilla members in each city. It is assumed their counterparts in the Sabbat did the same. They
proposed a truce between the Sabbat and Camarilla, with they serving as the intermediaries
between the two sects in order to forge a united front against our new enemy. For myself, this was
the first indication that the Tzimice had left the Sabbat, indeed, I was originally afraid the entire
occurance was Malkavian prank.

	It has taken roughly two years since that date for these meetings to finally begin taking
place. Many Kindred had retreated into hiding, hoping the purge would wear itself out. Others are
only now managing to pull themselves from Torpors. However, within the next few months I am
sure that a treaty will indeed be reached. Continued existence being a difficult habit to break. 

	The most unique turn of events however, occurred in Washington DC shortly after, or
even before according to some rumors, the Malkavian call for peace. When the Tzimice raid was
launched at the Elysium below the Lincoln Monument, a single individual, believed to be of the
Gangrel, stepped forward between the incoming Tzimice and the Prince himself. As he did so, a
third eye appeared on his forehead, and the Tzimice was forced out of “Horrid Form”. How this
was accomplished I do not know. The Gangrel, now revealed as a Salubri, turned back to Vitel
and began to inform him of something in a quiet discussion. What was said, I still do not know,
but afterwards Vitel called off the Bloodhunt of the Salubri, as the story of this spread, more
Princes called off their hunts, and have begun to grant the Salubri added protections and sanctity.

	Since this has begun, many of the Clans have remained unchanged. However, a few have
suffered grievous blows. The Tremere, are all but extinct. Only a few of their eldest have held
onto their unlives. The Malkavians have re-united their Clan, many have stated when asked about
this simply that “the joke is over.” The Nosferatu still retain their Sabbat/Camarilla split, but are
even less conscious of it than before. They often serve as intermediaries between the sects when
their are no Malkavians present, or sane enough to handle the duties. 

	In the Sabbat, the greatest shock came with the rebellion of the Tzimice of course.
However, it has suffered the loss of three other full Clans as well. With the Rebellion, the Ravnos
Clan disappeared without trace (reports are that the Clan as a whole has also vanished). The
Tremere of House Goratrix were quietly annihilated before the Rebellion even began. Then on the
second night, a call was sent from the Alamut asking the Unconquered to return to the Clan. They
have, and since that night, few Assamites have been seen outside the Alamut, save their most
powerful Unconquered (judging from the rampant reports of their diableries on certain Elders).

	The Settites and the Giovanni are operating along the same lines as always. The fanatical
Followers feel that Set is about to awaken, and when he does, they feel sure that a God can easily
destroy their enemies. The Giovanni, while not as zealous, also believe they have a way to see out
this threat. If anything, they seem the more self-assured of the two Clans.

	A final rumor I’d like to lend credence to is the Inconnu. The reports that they had finally
come out of hiding is indeed correct. The Monitor of Manhattan was apparently one of the first to
do so when he appeared at a Treaty Convention between the Sabbat and Camarilla last fall (Aug.
2003). Although he neither spoke, or gave any advice, he did announce who he was, and to which
sect he belonged. Since that date, several other Monitors have followed suit, notably in DC and
Berlin. What brought  about this change in a policy over 2000 years old, I am again unaware of.

In celebration, 
Ayisha Jocastatian

P.S. Give Becket my regards should he ever give up his self-pity and leave his library.

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