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Shadows of the Ages

It is truly the Dark Ages in Johnsburrough. A Settite has managed to slither her way to becoming the Prince of the city. The Shadow Lords have declared that the city is theirs after defeating the Get of Fenris for its control, but the Kindred and BoneGnawers both dispute their rulership. Several noble houses are on the brink of open warfare.

Finally, a group called the Sentinels is forming to hunt demons. However, will they eventually turn to hunting vampires, or is their truly a greater evil present? An unknown being of great beauty claiming the name Gabriel holds Communion in an abandoned church once a week. And a Baali calling himself the Magus still roams at large, entwined in a deadly Jyhad with a Liahnon.

The people have begun to whisper after one too many mysterious deaths, and to note that Father Becket has not seemed to have aged a day past 70 for the last 40 years.

And young priest is attempting to lend a hand to people, but the Kindred have noted his fierce gaze, and that the power of his blessings are enough to twist and burn at their unholy souls...though he is still unaware of their true natures.

The Shadows of the Ages seem to stretch across Johnsburrough. Would you dare to enter into them? You may not get out again.....

Kindred in Johnsburrough in 1198

Lady Mirria
This Malkavian seems distracted constantly, is this due to hear memories of the past? Or the lack thereof? And just what is it that she can't remember? And where do the dreams of murdered children fit into it all?
A Nosferatu scholar, he studies the occult and death. He gets along well with the Capadocian Malthus, but...Malthus has seemed slightly different since meeting him.
This Cappadocian is plagued by something he does not understand. His visions of a future filled with death and destruction haunt him, and his attempts to prevent it may stretch to any length and means.
The beautiful and seemingly innocent child has a most unsettling gaze. This must be due to her Serpentine eyes. She has now become the Prince of the City.
An unknown figure to most of the Kindred. He is hiding from something, and watches everything. If anyone is aware of what happens in the city, it would be him. But who is his information shared with?
This Salubri Healer has come to Wodsworth seeking elysium for the Tremere purge of her kind in Europe. What would happen if a Tremere reached the city finally though?
The Malkavian court jester, and self declared King of the Vampires.
The Shadow Knight
A Lasombra Knight of great skill. He already holds ransom on the Nosferatu Knight who challenged him last, and waits to confront Louis D'vent. He has been missing since the Get of Fenris razed the city.
Wulfgang Grieger
A leper, but also a Knight. Not such an unusual dichotomy from one of the Nosferatu clan. He has also made many friends in the city already, and as many enemies.
A Settite Warrior, he is now ostracized from the Clan, avoiding all contact with his Elders, and rumors claim they hunt for his blood now.
The Lhiannon who dwells outside the city. He is guarding something, and keeping all the Kindred and Kine away from it, but what is it and why does he guard it with such vigilance?
Father Becket
Despite some whisperings about his age, and lack of aging in the city, he is still a well loved member of the community. Responsible for the conversion of most of the Jewish population of Johnsburrough, and rarely seen outside his Church.
Peter Cooper
Becket's mortal protege'. He fears that a great evil lays within the city, but trusts that Becket is doing all he can to fight it already and that in due time he can join the crusade. All should fear the day he learns the truth.
A Baali who has been running throughout the city, he clearly plans to rule it himself one day, after he awakens his true master.
Min Lei
A Nosferatu fortune teller, she sees more, and is more than most realize, but some suspect.
Apparently he is a Salubri. He sees a great many things with his third eye, and is said to be working on saving his Clan from destruction at the hands of the Tremere. He is always willing to lend a hand to the hunted Clan.
This Ravnos con-artist is well known in the city. He does his best to relieve people of items they don't really need so he can sell them to those who do need them, at a small profit of course.
This Ventrue claims to be an Elder, and brings word of an even older Kindred who is hunting other Vampires.
This Bone Gnawer has managed to gain many allies in the city, and has been aiding in keeping other Lupines out.
Dulthain De'Bouis
The Shadow Lord's Sept Leader. He is patiently waiting for the Kindred to fall so he can rule the city. From their he plans to take London.
Bella? Vella?
Is he a she, or is she a he? With this Tzimice it is hard to tell which sex he/she/it is, and even harder to tell what (insert a pronoun here) plans.
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