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The Endless Circle

Everyone knows they watch from the darkness. Vampires prey upon the hapless living, spreading their corruption and influence throughout the world. Crushing the world with their banal desires. Wraiths haunt the darkness, still holding on to the dreary remnants of the lives they left behind. Unable to face the future due to their fears, fears that the future will be just as hellish as the past and present.

Yes, the night has fallen, it is the time of nightmares in this World of Darkness, but its the time for the Dreaming to begin anew as well. Look over you shoulder and watch the Sidhe as they dance, listen and you can hear the sounds of the Satyr's pipes. You can still feel the heat of the knockers forge on your skin, and that mouse scurrying under your feet is a Pooka.

The Dreaming still lives. Read on and take back your Dreams.

Seize the Dreaming