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The Next Venus Picture page

finally, the last page, I know it seems to be small but I'm working on getting the second page sight so BEAR with me PLEASE!!!!!!! (You may now go on)

Here is a small but cute as a kitten picture I found in a local Video game. I should thank Allen (the guy from the video game center for giving me this one. But he tried to get a hold of mina and well... I sorry I can't go there. All I can say just dont trust him if you are Ami, Rei, Lita, or even Serena.)

This Not Enternal Moon! this is Enternal Sailor Venus, Impossible you say??? I don't know. She was known to change her ways at times. I'll ask her when I see her. (If you love this picture tell me! I have heard that fans alover want this one for keeps.)

This little one was drawn and given to me by a friend, he or she drew her abit odd in the stomach, but at least he did a good job of it. (HOpe he doesn't go hentai LIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!)


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