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Venus Picture Page 4

ok I'm going have to stop at....The next page. My mind is telling me that I have way too much pictures My Minako. so I saved the best for the two last picture pages. here we go....

If any of you are Monnie fans you should deffantly know where this happens and why it did happened. In CASE if you dont... here's what happens. My Minako was The top racer in the Arcades, until she meet Haruka. right before her very eyes she was put down to second rank. Mina was so determined to get her rank back as 1st that it was almost impossible for her to do it. (Mainly I was there, Haruka knows how to get the extra speed in that race game.) I just hope she won her first place back.

this was drawn buy a good artist, this is Code name Sailor V. (Duh, like you didn't know that.) She was only what..10 years old? I never got enough of her wearing her classic sailor Suit. (But at least she kept it in her closet. In case when T begged her to wear it.)

Ok this picture was taken before she disappeared a few years back. (She reappeared around the summer of 98.) MAN SHE IS SO ADORABLE! But this was close to what she wore to haolulu or was it halolu??? well she as beautyful as will be when she smiles. (Be still my heart) I love her. Next