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Venus Picture Page 3

if you think I'm going to stop... you maybe right. The Mega Bytes are slowly falling to zero. BUT untill then, I'm craming this homepage with our pict just for you guys Enjoy!

This little Picture I found while searching in the Album. I have to admit When she Looks like this, I cant help but to stand there and adore her. *MAN she's cute!*

Minako always said that Volleyball is fun no matter where you are. She tells me this everytime she wants me to play against her. (My advice.. Don't play aganist her she can really spike the ball faster and harder than a run away train.)

Thanks to Misstress Hinako for taking the picture with a magna camera. I don't know why it came out like that but hey It's better than nothing. This picture was taken when We went on a crazy date. We found Haruka and Michiru in a fishing both, we saw a little kid losing the game so she played for him and won two prizes. The little one said for her to keep it. Next