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Hi this is the new main page, It's not much but I'm working under low time to gather most of the New pictures of my beloved Aino, adn due to the christmas Vac. coming in I will be designing the new site look so hope fully my daughters here can just take you to the places you want to go to.So here are my three little girls that me and Minako have adopted to help. Here you can met them.

Valentine: "Hope you like the ganme room let me know if you want a game up here that just might be good."

Kino: "If you guys have any picks that you want to see or want to have posted tell me."

Michelle: "I'm the one incharge of the web page desgin, you got something that is not right you talk to me." *Giggles*
Well now that you know them they will be in charge of the webpage so feel free to ask me what you want on this webpage and we will see if it will be acceptable.

Oh, before I forget, Here is the update page so that you will know what is going on around here. There is still some bugs to fix let us know when you find one! Update! Adonis

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The Game Room!

Minako:"They really love me?

Juan:"They love you like I do,honey

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