My Page Dedicated To Jewel!
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My Page Dedicated To Jewel!

HI! this is my page edicated to singer,songwriter,philisopher, and humanitarian Jewel Kilcher. Jewel was born in homer, alaska. As jewel puts her circumstance in california "I felt in my life very suffocated and smothered by my circumstance. Your life becomes what you believe. I was living in a house with my mom and my younger brother and we were all sharing rent and wasn't really making rent. Didn't get to eat, I scraped food off of people's plates where I waitressed, I stole toilet paper from fast food restaurants... I got fired from my last job and that was it. My mom was like we're just going to do what we love, and we're gonna just have faith. So I lived in my van, and she lived in her van. And I decided, fine, I'll die, but I want to go to college. I'll die, I don't want to go to work and waitress. I want to do what I love only. I love singing, I never really thought I could make a living at it, it was dreaming. Zen, Buddha, God, Jesus, Trees, whatever is out there, what I want is. I want to make a living doing what I love, you know?" To see and here jewel sayng that please click here
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What jewel has to say on each on the power of music. "You always feel better when you sing. Music touches people's hearts. You know, it doesn't go through your mental capacity, it just moves you and it will let you cry. It's worth it doing a show and when you touch a crowd and move yourself at the same time. You change lives and you change the world." To hear jewel say that please click here
For the lyrics to all of jewels song pleaseclick here
Jewel grew up on a 800-acre homestead in Homer, Alaska. She started performing at the age of five, by doing shows with her parents for tourists. Her Junior and Senior years of high school were spent at Interlochen Fine Arts Academy in Michigan. It was a very expensive private school, and 70% of Jewel's tuition was paid for by a scholarship. Jewel's first solo concert paid off the other 30% of the expenses. After school Jewel moved back to San Diego, and after a few dead end jobs, Jewel decided to move into her VW van, with peanut butter, carrot sticks, and a guitar, and settled down to write songs. Soon afterward, Jewel started performing in a coffeehouse in Pacific Beach called, Inner Change. Jewel was frequently joined onstage with lead singer of the Rugburns, (who she's currently on tour with,) Steve Poltz. Some time after this, Jewel's audience at the Inner Change started to grow, and she became very well known in the area, so well known that Atlantic Records found out about her, and decided to sign her. Her first record, Pieces of You, was released on February 28, 1995, and that bring's up to the current it has sold over millions of copies and is bveing called by me one of the best cd's ever.