Mr. Felder's Final :->
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Mr. Felder's Final :->

World History Final Exam Name________________
1.Name Six Explorers Their Voyages or discoveries
A.___________ ______________________
B.___________ ______________________
C.___________ ______________________
D.___________ ______________________
E.___________ ______________________
F.___________ ______________________
2.What term means "earth centered"?
What is the opposite of this theory ? _____________
Who developed the "sun-centered theory? _____________
3.What term means a rebirth of learning and culture? _____________
4.Who Made the first thermometer? _____________
5.What was the first prison fortress used by the French kings? ____________
6.Name the king and Queen of France at the time of the revolution. __________
7.Name the second part of the revolution. _______________
8.What government was overthrown by Napoleon? _______________
What name is given to this rapid change in government? _______________
9.Who transplanted the Hieroglyphics? _______________
10.Name the palace of French kings. _______________
11.List one name from each of the following areas of the Industrial Revolution.
Include a invention or development made by each person.
A. Industrial (mechanics) B. Transportation C. Communication D. Agriculture E. Science F. Medical____________________________________________________
12.Which countries started the fighting in W.W.1? ________________
13.Who was the U.S commanding general at that time? ________________
Name his army. ________________
14.What was the name of the Russian royal family? ________________
What is the Russian word for emperor? ________________
Who was the last emperor? ________________
Who freed the Surfs in Russia? ________________
15. Name the ancient writing of Egypt. ________________
16.What controlled the peasants land until the Emancipation taxes were paid?__________
17.Name the Russian parliament. ________________
World History Final Exam, p.2 Name___________________
18.Name the villiage council which supervised roads and schools. _____________
19.Who established the first democratic party in Russia? _____________
Name his party. _____________
Why did the country lose the civil war which followed the revolution? __________
A. Bolsheviks _______________________________________
B. Lenin _______________________________________
C. Trotsky _______________________________________
D. Stalin _______________________________________

21.What is the meaning of Der Furer? _____________
What is the meaning of II Duce ? _____________
22.What name was give to the former colonies of the Central powers? _________
23.Name Hitler's Book. ______________
24.Which race of peopple were to rule i the new order? ______________
25.When did the U.S enter W.W.II? ______________
26.What was the French line of defense against Germany at the beggining of W.W.II ?
______________ 27.What is the systematic destruction of an ethnic group? _______________