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Cats Fan Fics

Welcome to my Fan Fics page. I would love it if you wonderful Cats people out there would send me your fanfics! It can be anything! Poems, stories. songs! Anything! As long as it's kitten friendly and has to do with Cats!
Send your Fics to Thank you Sootaput's First Stand I-Tugger gets stuck as the most unlikely Babysitter and Mungojerrie bites off more then he can chew.
Sootaput's First Stand II-The thrilling conclusion! ~LOL~ Before more people start mailing me about it I DID indeed write this story. ~L~ Enjoy!
Goodbye Grizabella-A prequal to the Cats Musical we all know and love. I wrote all the new poems and altered the Gus one before you start asking...
Even Rats Have Children-The Sooty story continued. Sootaput finds a playmate and ambassadors from another Jellicle group come for a visit.
Even Rats Have Children IIThe above continued.
AlliesMacavity's back and he's got revenge planned but the Jellicles get a paw from a most unlikely source.
Amyflit meets Toby-Amyflit discovers someone while out hiding, someone that may just be able to help the Jellicles defeat Macavity.
The War of Willow Branch I-The war between Macavity and the Jellicles begins.
The War of Willow Branch II-Conclusion. Macavity's Fatal Flaw/Mistoffelees' Confession-A story that takes place shortly after mine made by my friend Patchabie! Interesting indeed! Check it out! E-mail her
Jemima: The Good Kitty-Another cute story made by the same Patchabie as above, same E-mail and all!
Patchabie: The newest Jellicle, Part 1-How Patch came to be a Jellicle, another great story by Patch!
Part 2-Above continued!
Is There Heartbreak at Victoria Grove?-Patchebie's story continues as sorrow decends on Victoria Grove!
Cimmanon Helps Out-The short tale of Cimmanon and how he helps out! ~bg~ Can I say more? ~LOL~
Jellicles Just Keep Coming-Continued!
Mystical Divinity, Hurry Back Gus-The Jellicle Ball rolls around again! (I get to do the solo dance! ~Proud of herself)
Checkatie Checks In-We meet Patch's twin Brother, learn some new facts and loose a dear friend.
Checkatie Checks In IIThe above continued. Far Beyond Belief-This is Rosemay's Cool story! It's only the beginning and I'm waiting impatiently for the next part! ~L~ Enjoy! E-mail her at this addy!
Chapter 2: Strange Happenings-Oh! Funky! The above continued! Take a look!
Chapter 3:Weird Things-Rosemay's story continued! What strange things are going to happen to Katie now?
A Stranger's Gift:Chapter One:The Gift-A new RoseMay story about the Jellicles who are visited by a strange guest.
A Strager's Gift:Chapter Two:The Letter-Deuteronomy learns of the strange visitor and what she left behind. Not in America Anymore-This is Malachi's story about her Jellicle Character. Super cute story! Her E-mail on the top of the story! Enjoy!
New Arrival, New Acquaintances-The second part to Malachi's story! This Jellicle needs encouragement my friends! Fan mail in other words! help out! ~Bg~
The Lost and The Found-Above continued!
Enter Macavity-Mala's been busy! Take a look!
5. One, Two Buckle My Shoe-Misto learns of Mala's kidnapping and planning begins!
6. The New and The Old -I enter! ~bg~ And Dearest Malachi is discovered!
7. Change . . . Tradition?-Malachi and Admetus request something of Munkustrap to change the traditions of the traditional Jellicle Ball. The Jellicle Train-This is a cute large poem my good friend Franoosh wrote! Give it a look! Trial and Error-A cute story by my Best Friend Enigmatat! Send all comments to! A Bad Beginning...-A cute story by my friend Jennikous. Another new Jellicle kitten story...Have a look, send comments to
Jenni-Curse-The above continued. I believe she added some elements from mine and Patchabie's stories. Frisky:The Jellicle Stray Part 1-Tumblebrutus's story about a kitten named Frisky. E-mail her with fan mail
Part 2-Same as above continued!
Part 3-You know what to do! ~L~
Part 4-Need I even say this? ~LOL~
Part 5Take a look
Anybodys and Tumblebrutus-A story that takes place shorty after "The Day of Dread" story. (E-mail Tumble with feedback!)
Jacob's PartyA cool Alternate realilty story by Tumble! And it's got KING FALLA in it! ~hugs her life size King Falla cardboard cut out~bg~E-mail Tumble with feedback!
Jacob's Party Part II-Time to save their fellow Jellicles! The Imported Lady-Written by Lady Munk! Really well written, have a look and mail her
Munkustrap's Revenge-A continuation of the above.
Munkustrap's Revenge II-Taddaaa!
The Collar-Another sequal to the one above. Again by Lady Munk.
Mind Over Matter-An alternate reality type, not really kitten friendly but it won't chop you up into little pieces and throw you in the basement. That's my basic warning... The JunkYard Jellicles-Bbalurina's cute story after the Jellicle Ball. Email her
The Junk Yard Jellicles II-Sequal to the above!
JunkYard Jellicles III-Sequal to the above.
JunkYard Jellicles IVIt's time for the Jellicle Ball! Find out what happens! The Magical...Ms.Jemima?-Doesn't the title just MAKE you want to read it?! ~LOL~ E-mail Orphicop here! Misto's Story I-Sadie's great story about Mistoffelees becoming a Jellicle. E-mail her
Misto's Story II-The above continued.
Rumpus Cat Rescue-Victoria, Mistoffelees, and Tugger join up to attempt a rescue of the GREAT RUMPUS CAT!
Rumpus Cat Rescue II-Above continued. Birana:Cat Lover Turned Cat-A cute Alternate reality story by Birana. Email her
Birana's Discovery-The above continued. Do I hear wedding bells? Darkness Falls on the Junkyard-Blubell's eciting Jellicle story...crap...I lost her e-mail....BLUBELL! PLEASE E-MAIL ME!
Darkness Falls on the Junk Yard IIThe above continued! A new Jellicle, Part One-The entrance of Marolene.E-mail her
A New Jellicle, Part 2-The above continued. A Different View on Kidnapping-A ver different story written by Wyntirgreen. A must read! E-mail her When Jellicles Go Missing-Pintaci's story about Electra and Tumble disapearing, a to be continued.... E-mail her
When Jellicles Go Missing II-The above continued.

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