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Who will win the Stanley Cup in 2000?

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Palffy Status 40/100

last updated: May 12, 2000 (Cards page).

Welcome to the Hockey Zone. There's really not much here yet, but here is a summary of what you can find on this page by using the menu on the left.

Sign My Guestbook: Needs no explanation... Sign it!

View My Guestbook: Also needs no explanation.

Polls: Make your vote count in a series of hockey-related polls.

Hockey Cards: This page contains my tradelist, wantlist and trading information. It will also soon contain references and possibly scans.

Hockey Trivia: This is probably the best feature of the Hockey Zone. I try to update it as often as possible, but I have been having a lot of trouble with the form mailer lately. It features twenty questions (10 multiple choice, 10 that you enter) which test your hockey knowledge... and if you answer more correctly than anyone else, you could even some fabulously cheap prizes!

Hockey Trivia Hall of Fame: Check out the top scorers for the last trivia contest.

Last Month's Trivia Answers: See the answers to the questions from the previous trivia contest.

My Zigmund Palffy Page: This is a small page I made a couple of years ago dedicated to Los Angeles Kings' winger Zigmund Palffy. All that you'll find there is some basic information and stats. He's not really my favorite player anymore, but the page is still there because I may actually update it sometime.

Links: Just a collection of some links you might find interesting. It hasn't been updated in a couple of years, so a few of them probably aren't around anymore.

Awards & Webrings: Would you believe this site actually won an award once? Me neither... Well you'll find it here, along with a couple of webrings that this site is part of.

E-mail Me: If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to me at

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