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Homosexual Armed Resistance Movement

"Take off the dress and pick up a gun!"

A radical organization dedicated to the destruction of the Religious Right and the dissolution of mainstream 'Gay Culture' that enables and supports it.

Positions and Basic Tenets

H.A.R.M. is a direct action resistance movement primarily dedicated to carrying out rapid responses to incidents of violence directed towards homosexuals and lesbians. H.A.R.M. advocates swift, precision counterattacks, and while technically operating outside the law, we cooperate directly with the law on several fronts.

H.A.R.M. thoroughly and profoundly rejects participating in the psychological-warfare tactic utilized by the enemy -- the oppression of assuming the role of "victim" -- under any circumstances. While there is life, there is always the possibility of being avenged. When life is not an option, the dead comrade becomes a martyr or a casualty, depending on whether they lived a life of strength or a life of passivity. In this circumstance, H.A.R.M. believes it's mission is to assume the role of avenger for the fallen comrade and goes about the task of visiting retribution with a merciless ferocity and vigilance. H.A.R.M. also recognizes the existence of POWs -- both physically and emotionally -- and works for their liberation. This is an organization of fighters, not a social group for young ladies. While H.A.R.M. is dedicated to - and welcomes -- meeting force with equal or greater force, we also recognize the fact that the organization must stand for more than simple guerilla street action. Indeed, this facet of H.A.R.M. is merely the public face of the movement. Our ultimate agenda is much larger.

1. H.A.R.M. advocates leaderless resistance cells comprised of no more than twelve members in any given cell. A specific procedural outline of instructions is available describing community neighborhood surveillance and protective/defensive resistance tactics.

2. H.A.R.M. recognizes that homosexuals are numerically a minority, but we refuse to adopt a minority status mentality; rather, H.A.R.M. considers homosexuals as a natural aristocracy. Generally, homosexuals do not breed. Yet homosexuals continue to replenish their numbers and flourish. H.A.R.M. can think of no greater proof that homosexuality is the master stroke of the Creative Force in creating and maintaining this natural aristocracy.

3. The illogical and infantile myths spread by the leaders and followers of the religious right attempt to prove that homosexuality is chosen behavior. H.A.R.M. responds to this ‘theory' by unequivocally stating that no one chooses their skin. People are born into homosexuality, or to put it in terms that are understandable to those with religious leanings, homosexuals are ‘called' or ‘chosen.' It is absurd and indeed, sacrilegious to say that humans are capable of picking and choosing their own natural attributes and physiological traits. In any case, H.A.R.M. views the entire issue as no more than meaningless political/religious twaddle. Either ‘God' or our parents created us; our source is irrelevant - what is important is that we exist and have always existed. Those who persist in maintaining the myth that homosexuals choose their sexual identity speak out of complete and under ignorance. We believe the greatest crimes are willful illogicality and congenitally stupid. ‘Choice" theories are based on low-mentality fear and a subconscious realization of the natural inferiority of those who believe in them. The fact that there are so many woefully ignorant and irrational people who willingly buy into this lie only strengthens H.A.R.M.'s determination to neutralize and eliminate these genetically harmful manifestations of the human species. This is H.A.R.M.'s final comment on the subject; end of discussion.

4. H.A.R.M. thoroughly refutes equating homosexuality with effeminacy. Rather, we believe that homosexuals should be the most masculine and truly male specimens of the species. Homosexual sex should be hard, rough, athletic and a celebration of the masculine traits in order to truly call itself "homosexual"; anything else is a mere mimicry of traditional heterosexual sex roles and the sexual politics of physical intimacy. H.A.R.M. rejects all elements of mainstream "gay culture" that advocates and portray as desirable any assimilationist attitudes, regarding not only politics but sexuality as well.

5. H.A.R.M. makes the argument that not all homosexuals are "gay"; indeed, we believe that same-sex attracted men can be categorized into three broad classifications. Those who shallowly define their existence chiefly on their sexuality and the pop culture that now surrounds and infects it, both commercially and politically, are gay; and those who are obsessed with ‘clubbing', drugging and fashion we label faggots; and those who seek male-to-male sex and bonding without all the trappings we call homosexuals. H.A.R.M. is a proud homosexual movement, comprised with overwhelmingly of youth and men who fit that specific description. While we philosophically and dutifully respect the right of gays and faggots alike, we generally find these specimens to be useless to the movement because they either can't fight or won't fight. H.A.R.M joyfully embraces the opportunity for violent struggle, absolutely refusing to play by the assimilationist rules that have corrupted and no define "mainstream gay culture" and the lackeys who control and support it. This includes all ‘gay' politicians and elected officials. They are the willing tools of a fundamentally corrupt and parasitic system of government. Therefore, these same politicians are seen as collaborators and will ultimately be held accountable for their cowardice and treachery.

6. H.A.R.M condemns priest craft and all religions. H.A.R.M. will not allow religious theories and unproven myths to interfere with homosexual survival and advancement. Homosexuals must deal with reality and the world around them, with logic, reason and evidence, not in abstract faith. We deny the so-called ‘revelations' of those who attempt to control or oppress us through unsubstantiated stores and mythical belief systems of Asian, North African or Middle Eastern origin. H.A.R.M. considers all ‘sacred' texts as works of fiction.

7. HA.R.M. promotes possibilities built on the strong. We have a brain, we have muscle, we have the ability to reason and think logically. Those are our intellectual arms. H.A.R.M. denies the existence of god-given or inalienable ‘rights'. This word is perhaps the most destructive and misleading word in our language. The abstract theory of ‘rights' was the most clever concept ever developed. The State gives us privileges. There are infinite possibilities, but no guaranteed ‘rights.' There is very little, if anything, that the strong cannot take from the weak. Homosexuals must always depend upon their intelligence and use their muscle to back it up, not abstract rights. H.A.R.M. deals with evidence and not faith. 8. An ally is any individual or group that makes a positive contribution toward promoting and recognizing a natural aristocracy. This includes non- homosexuals who honestly support this idea. An enemy is one who is opposed to us. No matter what their motive, these people are the enemy, no matter what their politics, sexuality, gender, race, nationality or religion.

9. H.A.R.M. is neither a right wing nor a left wing movement. We believe that the right and the left are the controlled arms on the same rotting political body; we do not recognize right/left politics as a solution. H.A.R.M. is strictly homosexist. Healthy ideas of both right and left, along with totally new ideas, must form a growing united front. Only a focused view wich adopts any idea from any source that leads to the betterment of homosexuals is acceptable. Those who joint or support H.A.R.M. must be prepared to called many thing: fascist, anarchist, nihilist, etc. At any given moment, all and none of the names apply. H.A.R.M. refuses to be categorized politically. Rather, we see our movement as one of radical pragmatism.

10. H.A.R.M. recognizes as its final goal the elimination of the religious right mentality and presence from the gene pool. This element of the population does irreparable harm the longer they are allowed to exist within the social structure. Seclusion from the community must be the first step toward eradicating the problem. Civilized humanity has been held back from intellectual evolutionary progress far too long by those who insist on institutionalizing myths and fairy tales. The ultimate answer lies in experimenting with a program of eugenics and sterilization for those identified as the most intractable with the religious and political groups. Coupled with an intense regimen of educational instruction, physical discipline, and ideological indoctrination for the children. These goals can best be achieved by establishing centers for youth in which our methods can be applied with little or no outside distractions. From these centers, our future warriors and leaders will naturally emerge. Enlightenment centers will also be established for the reclamation and re-education of adults who may be beneficial to the movement.