Josefina's mini book Josefina's Song tells how to weave rugs that are a perfect size for the miniature Josefina doll! At left is a picture of two rugs I have made (using a chunky yarn, which makes for interesting results and cuts down on creation time), along with (in the center) the type of loom you can create following the idea in the book.
These rugs have a few uses:
  • Wall decorations for Josefina's "adobe" home
  • Rugs for the floor
  • Blankets

  • Those using Josefina's miniature collection for display can even prop up Josefina by the loom with a partially-finished rug to make it look like she's weaving. This is a great craft!

    A god's eye craft also looks great in any Southwestern decor. This is that easy craft you may have done in kindergarten with two popsicle sticks crossed like an X, where you wound yarn 'round and 'round the sticks. For Josefina, it looks even better using sticks gathered from out-of-doors.
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