For cooking, Josefina used an horno. You can make one of these using Sculpey or Fimo clay in a clay color. This is a very small version of an horno. I didn't buy enough clay and needed it for other Josefina accessories. I guess you could call this a "micro" horno. ;) You can make a larger one if you like. There are also two cooked tortillas (I mixed the clay color with white), as well as an uncooked tortilla (white clay only), and a paddle for loading and unloading the "hot" food.
An extra small craft to mention is a "garnet necklace," as seen around Josefina's neck in this photo. This is made from a small bead I found at a fabric store, put on black twine. I drew a red mark on either side of the charm. The actual necklace looks much better in person than it does on the doll -- I had to lay her down to scan her, so it sits a little strangely around her neck in the photo! The rest of her outfit in the photo is what she comes in when you purchase her.
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